Black boxes of off-runway landing Blue Air plane to be sent to France for decoding

The black boxes of the Blue Air B737 that made a non-standard landing on January 7, overrunning the runway of Cluj city’s Avram Iancu International Airport, will be taken for decoding to an expert lab in France, aviation safety sources told AGERPRES on Saturday, adding that the two black boxes have already been collected from the aircraft and that decoding in such incidents is performed not necessarily in order to establish guilt, but to improve aviation safety.

A plane performing a charter flight from Bucharest to Barcelona, carrying 116 passengers and due to make a stopover in Cluj, went off the runway of the city’s international airport during landing maneuvers. There were no victims and no one was injured.

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Cluj Court of Appeal opened an investigation into the incident, and the Civil Aviation Safety Investigation and Analysis Centre is also conducting an investigation of its own into the case.

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