President Iohannis receives presents worth almost 13,000 lei, last year

A Persian rug, a photo of Prince Charles, handicraft items with Romanian motifs and the model of the Petronas towers are among the presents received in 2015 by President Klaus Iohannis during some protocol actions.

The total value of the presents received by the Romanian head of state in 2015 stands at some 13,000 lei [1 euro = 4.5 lei].

The most expensive present received last year is a woven Persian rug, worth 892 lei.

According to the list published by the Presidential Administration, among the presents received by the head of state in 2015 are also an autographed photo of Prince Charles of Wales in the wooden frame wrapped in leather, worth 223 lei, The 1791 Constitution of Poland (669 lei), handicraft items with Romanian folk motifs (89 lei), a metal model of the Petronas Twin Towers Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia (178 lei), a diplomatic correspondence between Mihai Eminescu and Theodor Rosetti from 1873 (223 lei), a postcard sent by Ion Luca Caragiale to dr. Paul Zarifopol (178 lei).

President Iohannis received icons, paintings, plaques, sculptures, vases, a roll of parchment with Chinese signs, a pouch for business cards, an embroidered tablecloth, a painted wooden egg representing a copy of a fresco specific to medieval monasteries in Serbia and a pennant with Poland’s coat of arms.

The Romanian president received 43 objects last year, on the occasion of some protocol actions, which have remained in the Presidential Administration’s patrimony.

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