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January 28, 2021

National Culture Day, celebrated at Romanian Athenaeum

National Culture Day will be celebrated on Friday, January 15, starting at 7 PM, at the Romanian Athenaeum, by the traditional music and poetry performance “At Heaven’s Gates”.

The event, organized by the Romanian Cultural Institute in partnership with the “George Enescu” Philharmonic and TVR, stars protagonists Grigore Lese along with his guests: Zamfira Muresan (Tara Lapusului, Maramures), Mihai Moldovan (Valea Idicelului, Mures), the Aromanian group of Cogealac, Constanta (Dumitru Zogu, Nicolae Zogu, Mihai Gherase, Giogi Vasile), lute players from Southern Oltenia (Toni Caldararu of Babiciu, Titi Burcea of Baduleasa, Emil Zamfir of Corabia) and a vocal-instrumental group of Voivodal Maramures (Ioachim Fat, Ioan Pop, Grigore Chira).The demonstrations of music virtuosity will be alternated with lyrical moments performed by actor Ion Grosu, who will recite poems by Mihai Eminescu.

The host of the performance will be Catalin Sava (TVR). The event will also be aired by TVR 2 and by ICR branches in Istanbul, Stockholm, London and Rome.

“I have always wondered: how did they sing in Romanian villages, back in the old days? How was music in areas destined to sheep raising, how were lute players and what did they represent for the community? What was left out of this music?

The answer came after several years, as I watched this phenomenon closely, as I got acquainted with people, as I chatted with lute players, as I listened to them at their homes. For this concert, I made a selection of everything I met more representative on location while shooting the television series “At Heaven’s Gates”. Together with these people we may show the world that music is performed in our villages just like it was over one hundred years ago”, Grigore Lese (photo) declared.

The documentary television series created by Grigore Lese under the title “At Heaven’s Gates” brought the public television, in 2007, the A.P.T.R. Grand Prize, a distinction followed by numerous other national and international awards and a nomination to the most important documentary film festival in Asia, The Television Film International Festival in Shanghai 2009.

Ion Grosu (born in 1974, in Kishinev), graduated the Theatre and Film Academy as Sanda Manu’s student. Since 2001, he is an employee of the Nottara Theatre in Bucharest, having performed lead roles in shows such as “Scandal at the Opera”, by Ken Ludwig, directed by Petre Bokor or “The Anniversary” by Thomas Vinterberg and Mogens Rukov, directed by Vlad Massaci. He was also part of the cast of films such as “Be Blessed, Prison”, “Four Months, Three Weeks and Two Days”, “Gruber’s Journey”, “On People and Snails”, “Child’s Pose” and so on.
Tickets may be purchased at the Romanian Athenaeum box office (further information at 021.315. 6875).

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