Paris attacker already banned from Romania

Tarik Belgacem, shot by French police on January 7 in front of a Paris police station, had been banned from Romania for five years, judiciary sources told Agerpres on Monday.

The man, killed while attempting to enter a police station carrying a knife and shouting ‘Allah Akbar’, had filed for asylum in Romania in 2011, and saw his request denied after being deemed a threat to public order and national security; Romanian authorities also banned him from entering the country for five years. The Bucharest Court of Appeals ordered him deported to his native Tunisia.

He had been living for an unspecified period in a refugee centre in Timisoara (western Romania) and had asked for asylum in other countries, too. Romania forwarded data on him to those countries, the aforementioned sources said.

Tarik or Tarek Belgacem’s identity has been confirmed by some relatives last Friday. In 2013, he had given a fake name upon arrest following a theft in Sainte-Maxime (France) and had claimed he was born in Morocco. His identification is still unofficial.

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