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March 24, 2023

PNL wants a committee for Debt to Equity Swap Law, so that it would enter into effect in April

The National Liberal Party (PNL) supports the founding of a committee that includes members of the Parliament of all parties, Government representatives as well as those of the banking system willing to work on a new version of the debt to equity swap law, so that the normative act would enter into effect in April, Liberal leader Alina Gorghiu declared.

“It is the time for as to make a gesture of political balance and wisdom, to agree on a committee we are to propose (…) a committee to include all factors: the Parliament, through representatives of all political parties, the Government and representatives of the banking system. I say this thing because the Debt to Equity Swap Law must become a reality as soon as possible. The deadline I see as realistic as possible should be that, this April, this legal initiative would be published in the Official Monitor”, PNL co-Chair Alina Gorghiu declared on Saturday in a press conference.

She participated in Sinaia in the Winter School of the National Committee on Education of the National Liberal Youth: “Education, culture and political culture.”
She mentioned that PNL members of the Parliament due to be a part of this Committee will be appointed at the National Political Bureau, due on January 18.

Gorghiu added that PNL wanted this committee to be founded before the start of the Parliament session and amendments suggested to the normative act send by the Presidency to the Parliament for re-examining be finished by February.

“It is an important project due to the social role of this law and I think that we should not forget that there are thousands of citizens in difficult situations, who cannot pay their loans and need a fast solution to solve this situation.

I am not hiding from you the fact that there are aspects that need to be adjusted and that they will be adjusted inside this committee and that, if we speed things up a little bit and this committee will be suggested by political agreement before the beginning of the Parliament session, I am absolutely confident that, in February, we will already have the set of amendments agreed by everyone so that we will have a law promoted fast by the Senate and by the Chamber of Deputies”, the PNL Co-Chair added.

“There is a glitch in the law that allows convicts to reduce their sentence by writing books”

Alina Gorghiu also declared on Saturday, in a press conference in Sinaia that, in her opinion, there was a “glitch” in the laws that allow convicts to gain a 30-day cut in their sentence for each scientific work written during imprisonment, the Mediafax correspondent reported. Asked whether she supported the termination of this law, Gorghiu stated that she was unfamiliar with said article and “had no interest whatsoever” to learn it.

Asked on the opinion of PNL concerning criticism brought by people who claimed it was terribly difficult to write a scientific work behind bars, Gorghiu declared that it was “enjoyable” that the Justice Minister had announced he would apply the appropriate actions in this matter.

“Anyone may write under their blanket at the light of a candle, if they want to write. We cannot tell them how to write and where to write. It is certainly a glitch in the law. But the enjoyable fact is that the Justice Minister, Ms. Raluca Pruna, has publicly announced a week ago that public debates would start shortly concerning changes in the law”, Gorghiu declared.

Gorghiu mentioned that she supported “in principle” the change of the law concerning benefits enjoyed by convicts who publish scientific works.

Cologne events regrettable, but we shouldn’t create panic

Liberal co-Chair also said on Saturday in Sinaia that the recent events in Cologne are “regrettable and condemnable”, adding that the Government should kick off an information campaign to prevent panic among the population in connection with Romania’s receiving refugees.

“We cannot work outside the principles the EU has committed to, but I believe it’s the Government’s obligation, as the authority responsible for managing the entire procedure, to run an information campaign not just for the localities that will receive refugees, but nationwide, so as not to stir panic. The events in Cologne are regrettable and condemnable,” Gorghiu said during a press conference, while taking questions.

In her opinion, the state institutions will be “extremely vigilant” after the events in Germany, but a Government reaction in connection with the refugee admission procedure is necessary.

“The message I want to send in all responsibility is that we shouldn’t create panic among the Romanian population. I don’t think the refugees who will be relocated to Romania will pose a risk to local economy, and I am more than convinced that Romanian institutions will be (…) extremely vigilant after the regrettable and condemnable events in Germany, so that we will know how to prevent potential offences or breaches of the law. Yet I would be happy to see a response from the Government that should be capable to say which the procedures are and initiate an information campaign conveying the message that the refugees are not something to scare us and that Romania is capable to fully manage this problem,” the PNL Co-Chair added.

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