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February 5, 2023

Traian Basescu: I was not expecting a conviction for my brother

Ex-President Traian Basescu declared on Friday that he was not expecting his brother Mircea Basescu be found guilty in the file concerning the members of Bercea Mondial’s family, Agerpres announced.
The former Head of the State declared his brother should file an appeal.
“Knowing the reality of facts, I was not expecting a sentence, but if it was issued, it should be taken as it is. It is a decision by a Court and it must be accepted and, within legal limits, the procedure should be continued by appealing”, Traian Basescu declared for a TV station.

He mentioned that he had talked to his brother immediately after hearing the decision reached by the Court:
“He told me exactly what he declared in public: that he would file an appeal, that he did not wish to comment on Court decisions but that he would continue defending himself against the false statement that he had received money. He, in that infamous recording, was talking about the money Capatana has given him to be paid back, not about any money paid to him so that he would interfere in justice”, Traian Basescu declared.

The former Head of the State showed that his name would be affected in politics as a result of the trial Mircea Basescu was involved in.
“It will naturally impact my credibility, but these issues are also generated by furious campaigns launched by media trusts that are a good motivator destined to attract the attention of justice on social effects; yet, ultimately, justice is done in Court rooms and I hope the truth will be finally noted by judges”, Traian Basescu declared.

He mentioned that he has encouraged his brother to continue “struggling”, adding that there will be probably further proof to appear in the file.

“Trials are not political in Romania, yet, arrangements are possible”, Traian Basescu also added.

Afterwards, on his page on a socializing network, the former President revisited the topic of his brother’s conviction, pointing out a few nuances: judges at the Appeal Court will analyse and interpret “correctly” the proof in the file and the arrangement made by a certain television station will be revealed. He did so after declaring that he would not comment on the Court decision.

“My brother, Mircea Basescu, has received initially a hard punishment, an enforceable sentence of four years in prison.
Obviously, I will not comment on the Court decision.

Nonetheless, I am confident that in a panel of two judges, at the Appeal Court, proof in the file may be analysed and interpreted correctly, granting the chance of a decision in full concordance with the truth.

PS – I am convinced that the ARRANGEMENT launched publicly by Antena 3 will not resist at the Appeal Court as well. In the film, my brother was talking about the money THAT GOT TO HIM to be paid to damaged parties from the person who received it from them and not about any money HE HAD RECEIVED to allegedly perform influence peddling”, Traian Basescu posted on Facebook this Friday.

Mircea Basescu sentenced to four years in prison, decision can be appealed

Magistrates with the Constanta Court decided on Friday to sentence Mircea Basescu, brother of former Romanian president Traian Basescu, to four years of imprisonment for influence peddling. In the same case, which involves family members of Bercea Mondial, Marian Capatana was sentenced to three years in prison for complicity to influence peddling.

The sentence can be appealed against at the Court of Appeal.

Mircea Basescu and Marian Capatana were sent to court in June 2014 by prosecutors with the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) for influence peddling and complicity to influence peddling, respectively. The trial started in November 2014.

After being investigated while being placed in preventive arrest, the two were subsequently placed in house arrest and then under judicial control.

According to DNA, between February 20, 2011 – February 22, 2012, Mircea Basescu received the amount of 250,000 euros from denouncer Florin Anghel via the defendant Marian Capatana, in return for the promise to intervene with the magistrates tasked with judging the case involving Florin Anghel’s father Sandu Anghel, as well as other requests in the case in question, with the purpose of obtaining a favourable judgment, namely, either a shorter sentence or acquittal.

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