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April 11, 2021

Calin Popescu Tariceanu, attacks Liberals in PNL: “We are looking forward to see what’s left of PNL after the cleanup with the broom, announced by the Presidential Administration”

The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) co-chair Calin Popescu-Tariceanu declared on Monday that his party, founded besides Daniel Constantin will run its own candidates to the two series of elections due this year. Moreover, Tariceanu alluded that he already knew whom he would not join in alliances for the near future, attacking PNL as he knew the party had received people from “Basescu’s team”

“ALDE will run separate lists for local and parliamentary elections”

“If you remember, one of my reasons for starting the Liberal Reforming Party”, afterwards named ALDE, was a reaction to the marriage against nature that occurred when the party of the late Bratianu family (outstanding Liberals of the past, editor’s note) accepted politicians from Basescu’s team, who had done so much harm to Romania.

Therefore, I hope you do not imagine that ALDE would ever make an alliance with a party like PMP, the party Traian Basescu belongs to. ALDE will run separate lists for local and parliamentary elections. It seems premature to me to discuss alliances, agreements and protocols with these parties at this point. We are carefully watching the relation between PSD and UNPR at the local elections, we see what’s left of PNL after the cleanup with the broom, announced by the Presidential Administration”, Tariceanu declared for the publication Evenimentul Zilei.

He outlined that he was confident he would reach a two-figure score at the local and parliamentary elections.

“There is an important number of voters who share Liberal values, yet, no longer feel represented by PNL in the Parliament and, as ALDE remained the only Liberal party in Romania, I am confident that we will gain a two-figure score. If the first figure of this score will be 1 or perhaps 2, it is yet to be seen, because it is a series of parametres that do not depend on ALDE, but on the action of other political and less than political forces. In order to support my statements, I can bring up the opinion polls conducted by our opponents, which are unanimous in noting the increase of voters’ trust in ALDE and in me, as Co-Chair of ALDE, and I can invoke the reality that ALDE is the only party in the Parliament in opposition to the Ciolos Government”, Calin Popescu Tariceanu also declared.

Furthermore, asked whether he would resign his positions in the party in case ALDE will not reach the score they intended, Tariceanu insisted to point out that his party was to be the “grand surprise of the elections”.

“By the score they will gain, ALDE will be the grand surprise of this year’s elections, therefore, your question is useless”, the President of the Senate declared.
On the other hand, Tariceanu confessed that he did not take into account running for the Mayoralty in Bucharest.

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