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January 26, 2022

Kelemen Hunor, UDMR President: “Our main goal is to be in Parliament after the 2016 elections”

UDMR President Kelemen Hunor stated on RFI that UDMR has to mobilize its constituents in 2016 better than it did four years ago, bearing in mind that parliamentary elections are a far bigger challenge than local elections. In this context, Hunor pointed out that he does not rule out joining the government.

“For us the parliamentary elections in particular, not necessarily the local elections, represent an extra challenge because we have around two hundred, a little over two hundred mayors in the local elections. We have set the goal of keeping this number of mayors in office; we may win another 2-6 localities, we may lose 2-6 localities, but according to our estimates we can win around 200 localities in 2016,” the UDMR President said.

In this sense, Hunor stated that UDMR constituents have to be mobilized.

“The huge challenge is in the parliamentary elections, because the 5 per cent threshold is a challenge for us every elections year, mainly because of the demographic problems but there are other causes too. I am convinced in 2016 we will manage to ensure proportional representation and this is important. But in order to do this we have to mobilize our constituents, the Hungarian community, much better than we managed to do in 2012 for example,” UDMR’s leader added.

Asked whether he sees UDMR as part of the government after the parliamentary elections, Kelemen Hunor said he does not rule it out.

“At this moment I’m not very worried whether we will be in the government or not. I believe the important thing for us is to maintain our proportional representation in Parliament and then, if things take a certain direction, of course I do not rule out this option. No politician can rule out the option of joining the government and neither can I (…) but this is not our main goal at this moment; our main goal is maintaining our proportional representation, having parliamentary groups within the Senate and the Lower Chamber after the 2016 elections,” Hunor stated.

In his view, “2017 will be a complicated year; I am convinced that we will move on toward amending the Constitution, administrative and territorial reform, that regionalization we have talked about for years. That is why, from this point of view, of the possibility of amending the Constitution, 2016 has a far greater stake for every party, for Romanian society as a whole.”
Likewise, in an interview for EVZ, UDMR President Kelemen Hunor stated that UDMR will win three or four County Councils, over 200 mayoralties and will cross the parliamentary threshold.

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