MEP Cristian Preda, hardest-working Romanian in the EP; Adina Valean on last place

Cristian Preda tops the Romanian MEPs’ attendance rate table in 2015 with an attendance rate of 99.37 per cent. MEP Adina Valean, the wife of former PNL President Crin Antonescu, is at the opposite end with the lowest attendance rate among Romanian MEPs (62.02 per cent).

Preda gave 88 speeches in the European Parliament plenary, collaborated as rapporteur on the 2014 Annual Report on Human Rights and Democracy in the World, drafted three other reports as well as two recommendations as shadow rapporteur, the European Parliament data shows.

Cristian Preda has issued three opinions as rapporteur, an opinion as shadow rapporteur, has tabled 117 motions for resolutions and has put 3 questions in the European Parliament.

UDMR MEP Csaba Sogor (EPP) is second with an attendance rate of 99.2 per cent in 2015. Csaba Sogor issued one opinion on the European Structural and Investment Funds and sound economic governance, gave 107 speeches in the plenary, tabled 48 motions for resolutions, 5 written declarations and put 10 parliamentary questions.

PNL MEP Traian Ungureanu (EPP) had an attendance rate of 99.11 per cent, issued three opinions as shadow rapporteur, one opinion as rapporteur, gave 50 speeches in the plenary, tabled 14 motions for resolutions and put 12 parliamentary questions.

Former PNL President Theodor Stolojan had an attendance rate of 97.86 per cent. The MEP, member of the EPP, issued one report as shadow rapporteur on the annual tax report, and made a written declaration on eHealth, according to EP data.

Last year, Theodor Stolojan gave 31 speeches in the plenary and put a parliamentary question on the implementation of the German minimum salary law.

PNL MEP Daniel Buda (EPP) had an attendance rate of 97.81 per cent last year. Buda gave 321 speeches and put 371 parliamentary questions. Likewise, Daniel Buda tabled 9 motions for resolutions, 2 written statements, one opinion as shadow rapporteur, one report as shadow rapporteur and two opinions as shadow rapporteur.

Independent MEP Mircea Diaconu is last but two. He is a member of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) and had an attendance rate of 69.72 per cent.

Cristian Busoi (PNL) is last but three, with an attendance rate of 70.11 per cent. He filed a report as rapporteur on trade with seal products, and two reports as shadow rapporteur, on safer healthcare in Europe, improving patient safety and fighting antimicrobial resistance and on appliances burning gaseous fuels.

Adina Valean, PNL and EPP MEP, is on last place in the table, with an attendance rate of 62.02 per cent. She issued one opinion on the harmonisation of certain aspects of copyright and related rights in information society, gave 73 speeches and put 5 parliamentary questions.

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