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October 21, 2021

Parliament rejects a third of the draft laws filed in 2015

Almost a third of the laws filed in Parliament last year were drafted for naught. Lawmakers debated and rejected 140 of the most various draft laws, such as the one regulating same-sex civil unions. The authors of the draft laws that were not adopted say their ideas were good but lacked support from their colleagues.

The lawmakers’ 2015 review is not looking very well. They only managed to debate and vote on approximately half of the 898 draft laws on their agenda.
Of those, no fewer than 140 draft laws were rejected for good, within the Lower Chamber as well as the Senate. This means they were filed for naught and lawmakers wasted time debating them only to conclude that adopting them was not opportune, Digi24 shows.

Lower Chamber lawmaker Remus Cernea, who proposed among other things a civil union between same-sex persons, is the author of three draft laws that were rejected. He says his ideas were good but his colleagues did not make the effort to understand them.

“Unfortunately, we are not even dealing with a vote of rejection based on the lawmakers’ points of conscience; instead, most often or in most of the cases lawmakers voted as their group leader asked them to, without even knowing what the draft law is about,” independent lawmaker Remus Cernea said.

National Union for the Progress of Romania (UNPR) lawmaker Florin Gheorghe is the author of five draft laws that were rejected by Parliament last year.
“On the hallway he told me, face to face, that it’s a good draft law but he cannot vote for it because I’m the member of another party. And he cannot support it even though it is good and beneficial and…,” UNPR MP Florin Gheorghe stated.

The lawmaker claims that if all of his colleagues were interested in parliamentary activity the fate of his draft laws would have been different.
“There are certain colleagues that aren’t doing much of anything in Parliament, they just keep an eye on other colleagues who are doing the work, show up and place their signature too then they brag to the press that they are active,” Florin Gheorghe added.

This year, apart from new draft laws that will be filed, lawmakers will have to vote on another 400 draft laws on their backlog from 2015.

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