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March 30, 2023

Gabriela Firea: “I would have the highest chance at the General Mayoralty of Bucharest”

The Social Democrat Party (PSD) Vice-President Gabriela Firea declared that, according to an opinion poll held during the winter holidays, she would have top chance at electiond for the General Mayoralty of Bucharest.

“A few colleagues in PSD made this proposal that targets me (to run for the Mayoralty of Bucharest, editor’s note) which, I honestly tell you, took me by surprise, as I was not expecting such thing. I have joined politics for just three years and a bit, I don’t have such massive ambitions, to jump over natural stages of development and to get very far in a very short amount of time.

The idea of these colleagues was presented as an opinion poll conducted during the holidays, and read by Mr. President Dragnea yesterday, an opinion poll realized by Marius Pieleanu from Avangarde. In this opinion poll, I have a great position. If we consider this opinion poll – and we have no reasons to question it – according to this poll, I would have the highest chance at the General Mayoralty of Bucharest, against all possible political candidates of all parties, and grand names among them”,Gabriela Firea declared for the TV station B1TV.
Firea also mentioned that she has not yet decided if she would join the race for the General Mayoralty of Bucharest, and that the party she belongs to needs to complete an analysis on this matter.

Basescu, on his Bucharest City Hall candidacy: “You want me to tell you secrets? I never ruled it out”

Traian Basescu maintains the secret in what concerns a possible bid for the Bucharest City Hall. Intensely rumoured in recent months, Basescu did not confirm and did not deny a possible bid for the office of Bucharest Mayor.

Nevertheless, the former president does not rule it out. The leader of the Popular Movement stated on Tuesday that he would make an announcement “at the right time.”
Asked whether he will run for the Bucharest City Hall, Traian Basescu answered laughingly: “You want me to tell you secrets? (…) I never ruled it out, but I did not say I would do it either.”
Asked when he will give a clear answer, Basescu answered: “At the right time.”

According to Basescu, the list of Popular Movement candidates for the 2016 local elections will be finalized on January 16, at the party’s National Council meeting, pointing out that at this moment the party has candidates for county seats and other municipalities too.

According to some Popular Movement representatives, the Council is not expected to discuss on Saturday the candidacy for the Bucharest City Hall.
So far, Cristian Busoi (PNL) and Adrian Thiess are the only candidates that have officially announced that they will enter the race for the Bucharest City Hall.

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