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January 18, 2021

Only one injured in Colectiv is still hospitalized in Bucharest

The injured patient of Colectiv hospitalized at the “CC Iliescu” Institute with burns on 25 per cent on the surface of his body and pulmonary burns was released, and now, there is only one injured in the Colectiv fire still hospitalized in Bucharest, in critical condition.

The patient transferred to “CC Iliescu” had burns on 25 per cent of the surface of his body and pulmonary burns. He was one of the injured in the most critical condition.

Throughout his hospitalisation at the Emergency Hospital for Cardiovascular Diseases “C.C. Iliescu”, the patient benefited of the most modern and complex treatment at world level granted to severe pulmonary diseases: total extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) for ten days, the manager of the hospital, Serban Bubenek explained.

Throughout this time, the lungs of the patients were put at rest until full recovery and in the meanwhile, the injured benefited of intensive multi-organ therapy.

The patient was transpored to a specialized clinic to continue his physio-kineto-therapy.

Thus, in Bucharest, there is only one injured of the Colectiv fire in hospital. He is at the Floreasca Hospital and is in critical condition, according to the latest report by the Ministry of Health.

In hospitals abroad, that received 39 wounded, there are 17 of them still hospitalised, all of them stable, as follows: in Austria – two persons, in Belgium – seven, in Holland – one, in Germany – three persons, including a German citizen, in Great Britain – three persons and in Israel, one.

Following the fire on October 30, 2015, 63 persons lost their lives, including 27 who died in the fire, 24 in hospitals inside the country and 12 of the injured who were transferred abroad. Initially, 147 injured in the Colectiv fire were hospitalised in Bucharest.
Families of victims complain the money collected in campaigns was embezzled

Families of Colectiv victims make harsh accusations almost three months after the tragedy. According to them, associations that had money for helping people affected by the tragedy embezzled the collected funds and the victims have not received, at this point, the sums they need for medical care.

“Then, discussions referred to many millions of euro. People have donated for those poor victims experiencing terrible suffering. They said they would pay for reconstruction operations. Where is the money? We received nothing. I talked to many of the parents, I also talked to the victims who were released. We found a lawyer and we want to file a complaint at the prosecutors’ office. We want these foundations to justify the money they collected. We are desperate that we have to buy creams for burns that cost 12 million per month. And we do not have that money, we have nowhere to take it from”, the mother of a victim declared, according to Romania TV.

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