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February 4, 2023

UNPR split between running alone and forming electoral alliance with PSD

UNPR President Gabriel Oprea admitted at a press conference on Thursday that there are two trends within his party, some party members wanting UNPR to run in the elections on its own and others wanting to form an electoral alliance with PSD in order to have higher chances of attaining the goal of winning 10 per cent of the votes.

“We have two currents in the party, in the sense that there is the desire to run in the elections on our own; we have the necessary strength, we have local teams that are very well coalesced, PSD knows this too, we have over 500,000 party members.

On the other hand, we have colleagues that want to continue this alliance with PSD. I don’t know whether servicemen are so good in politics, they always keep their word, that is why politicians think differently too,” Oprea said.

The former Deputy Prime Minister added that he has had several talks with PSD President Liviu Dragnea, talks on a possible PSD-UNPR alliance for the local and parliamentary elections, but that the party he leads is ready to run separately if the Social Democrats decide not to form an electoral alliance for the local elections.

“I want to tell you that UNPR maintains the objective assumed. Irrespective of the way in which we will run, we want 10 per cent of the total number of votes. We stake on local representatives and on the strong local teams. I cannot give you an answer at this moment (whether they will run alongside PSD or not – editor’s note), but we are prepared for both options. We were loyal to the government, we did not betray, we keep our word, which is rather rarely seen in politics. Dialogue was always at the basis of the PSD-UNPR partnership. I will talk with Liviu Dragnea; we are two reasonable people, fair to each other,” Gabriel Oprea said.

The UNPR President emphasized that his party is prepared for “any option.”

“We are prepared for any option, if we run on our own we will have redoubtable candidates that will win their seats. If we run alongside PSD, we will get involved with all our strength and resources in order to win as high a number of votes as possible. The party or alliance that wins the highest number of votes appoints the Premier, so every tenth of a per cent matters if we want to govern for Romania. Both options have strong points and weak points for PSD and UNPR, it’s normal for PSD to carefully weigh and only then for us to hold talks,” Oprea stated.

The PSD leadership will convene on Saturday, for the first time this year, at a National Executive Committee (CExN) meeting in Piatra Neamt. One of the most important decisions that will be taken at the meeting is the possible alliance with UNPR in the local elections this summer. PSD sources stated for ‘Evenimentul Zilei’ daily that the Social Democrats would most likely run on their own in the local elections.

“Many colleagues disagree with an alliance with UNPR in the local elections. Each party has to see what electoral score it can obtain on its own and then set a possible electoral alliance for the parliamentary elections,” the Social-Democrat sources claim. The possible PSD-UNPR alliance will be debated and put up for vote during the meeting in Piatra Neamt.

In what concerns the activity of PM Dacian Ciolos and his team, Gabriel Oprea stated that they do not have an easy mission “keeping up with the rhythm that the previous Government imposed” and that UNPR will “react trenchantly” if “backsliding” is noticed. Likewise, the former Deputy Prime Minister stated that he continues to back both Klaus Iohannis and Dacian Ciolos.
“UNPR was the first party that announced its backing for the new Government. This backing is not unconditional. In return, we ask for government results. UNPR will censure publicly and through voting any Government backsliding and failure,” Oprea said.

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