A national first in drone flight Air traffic control for UAVs in Sibiu

Drone operators can avoid accidents by posting details about where, when and at what altitude they will be flying their drones, on the website owned by the first private institute for drones, an institute set up in Medias, Sibiu County, Octavian Isaila, one of the founders of the Institute for Training, Studies and Research for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems (ITSC-SVFP) stated on Thursday for Agerpres.

“We came up with an online system through which any drone owner can log in and post where, when and at what altitude he will be flying the drone. Within the Institute, a National Alert and Notification System for RPAS (Drones) has been developed for the community of drone operators in Romania. This is designed as an online system meant to help all civilian drone owners and operators in Romania, physical and juridical persons, avoid possible incidents by having the possibility to announce the community where, when and at what altitude the flight will take place. All those interested can access it on,” Octavian Isaila stated.

According to him, drone owners are not required to announce the flights “because the law, at this moment, does not allow them to fly them.”

The alert system allows “the registration of users and likewise the introduction, modification and visualization of RPAS flights on Romania’s territory. Likewise, it is configured to show segregated areas, interdiction areas, warning areas, test areas, airports, stadiums and other sensitive areas.”

Octavian Isaila also pointed out that the Institute will be able to offer training classes for drone operators.
“We want to offer a one-day entry-level training course, for EUR 99. We want to explain from A to Z the theoretical side and what they should pay attention to when flying one of these toys,” Octavian Isaila added.

The Institute for Training, Studies and Research for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems was set up by 14 members from all over the country. Octavian Isaila is the owner of the first drone officially registered in Romania.

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