Journalist Sorin Rosca Stanescu, questioned by Anticorruption prosecutors: “This system is manipulated by Traian Basescu”

Former National Liberal Party (PNL) Senator and journalist Sorin Rosca Stanescu was transported on Thursday to the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) where he was questioned in the case of illegal loans gained from the Romanian Development Bank (BRD). In this investigation, initiated by DIICOT and continued by DNA, businessman Remus Truica and businessman Adrian Sarbu were also invited to attend a few hearings.

Sorin Rosca Stanescu and Adrian Sarbu are suspected of having received loans of several million euro, despite failing to accomplish legal requirements.
Before entering DNA, Sorin Rosca Stanescu declared that all that was happening to him was caused by the former President.

“This system is manipulated by Traian Basescu, it is still controlled by Traian Basescu.”

The former PNL Senator claims that he has received numerous warnings to stay put and to stop writing. “I have received numerous warnings to stop writing, to stay put, to stop revealing in writing or in speech what I know about the system. I do not intend to stop”, SRS mentioned.

“I am here, in this place, and not some other place not because I was guilty by violating any law, but because I have struggled with the system, which does not necessarily mean a sum of institutions, but it is what I have always done, and what I have to keep on doing. I am innocent. I wanted to give up my lawyers, to have a publicly-appointed lawyer, but my family and friends insisted that I keep them.”

The former Liberal expressed his major discontentment concerning the fact that that officials want to eliminate the law that cuts sentences of convicts writing books. “Two of the three books I have written are school books I use to teach at the Diplomatic Academy”, SRS pointed out.

On June 25, 2015, the former Liberal Senator Sorin Rosca Stanescu was released from the penitentiary after having completed almost eight months of the sentence of two years and four months of prison he was given in the “Rompetrol” file.

While leaving the hearing, the ex-journalist declared that he was notified on the change of legally describing the crimes he was accused of in the file of fraudulent loans received from BRD, Agerpres reported. This thing was also confirmed by his lawyer.

“We were notified that we are no longer accused of forgery, we are accused, nonetheless, of complicity to abuse of office, which is granted a more severe punishment compared to the initial charge, and that the remaining accusations are unchanged for the time being.

Concerning the new charges, I came and I made additional statements we are confident will be helpful for criminal pursuit institutions to reach the conclusion that my customer – Sorin Rosca Stanescu – is innocent of the crimes he is accused of”, the lawyer pointed out.

Referring to demands concerning an expertise in this cause, the lawyer declared that he could not speak about the file as it was not correct to the prosecutor, but that he had never heard of such demand.

Rosca Stanescu admitted he was not afraid of this file. “I am not afraid of anything than my own conscience and the loss of my freedom of speech, and it will not happen to me”, he mentioned.
His lawyer, Dan Chitic, showed that the charge was changed into creating an organized offence group in a simple form, with an easier punishment of no more than 5 years.

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