Victor Ponta’s foundation put “on hold”

Bucharest District 5 Court judges postponed for Thursday, January 21, their analysis of the request to offer juridical personality to the “Black Sea Regional Cooperation Projects 2020” Association, an association led by former Premier Victor Ponta.

The magistrates postponed the court proceedings after the foundation’s representative allegedly failed to file all of the necessary paperwork.

Nicolae Banicioiu and Daniel Constantin will join Victor Ponta as Vice Presidents. The foundation wants to get Romania involved in regional and international projects, according to the founding members of the association set up by Victor Ponta.

Foundation Vice President Daniel Constantin warned that large investment projects have avoided Romania in recent years and our country now has the opportunity to develop its potential through the former Premier’s foundation. Likewise, Daniel Constantin also emphasized that this is not a political association.

Nevertheless, there have been heated discussions within PSD and information surfaced according to which PSD President Liviu Dragnea allegedly banned his party colleagues from associating themselves with the foundation. In reply, PSD Spokesperson Gabriela Firea stated Liviu Dragnea did not ban his colleagues from joining the foundation.

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