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September 25, 2020

After snowfalls and snowstorm, there is terrible frost ahead!

After a weekend of snowstorm and abundant snowfalls that have caused countless issues all over the country, from blocked roads, dozens of localities that had no electricity, cars and trains stopped by snow drifts, canceled flights and patients whom the ambulances were unable to reach, meteorologists announced that terrible frost was ahead.

The National Administration of Meteorology (ANM) issued a cold warning report for the entire country, due until Thursday, at 10 AM, according to which the weather will be extremely cold in most regions. In the South, East and centre of the country, temperatures will be mostly below zero, and frost will be registered during the mornings and nights, with lows of -15 Celsius degrees and in isolated areas of Muntenia, Oltenia and South-Eastern Transylvania there will be even temperatures of -20 Celsiu degrees.

Also, on Tuesday, in Moldova, Dobrudja and East of Muntenia, there will be intense wind, at speeds of 45 – 50 km per hour, and even 60 km per hour in isolated areas of the seaside, scattering the snow accumulated in previous days.
According to meteorologists, the weather will remain extremely cold and locally frosty during the nights and mornings, until around January 26.

Localities without electricity and blocked roads

The most-affected areas of our country during this time were the ones in the South-East, where there were plenty of snowfalls in the weekend, and the layer of snow has grown very fast. The highest layer of snow was registered on Bucegi Mountain, on Sunday morning at 8 AM, close to Predeal and Sinaia, and it measured about 130 cm, according to ANM.

Due to unfavourable weather conditions, road traffic continued to be blocked on Highway A2, on the Bucuresti – Fetesti section. Also, the road traffic was also stopped on several sections of national roads in the counties Vrancea, Bacau, Vaslui, Calarasi, Constanta, Tulcea, Braila, Buzau, Ialomita, Vrancea, Galati and Caras Severin.

Also, due to strong wind, maneuvers in Black Sea ports were ceased ever since.

Dozens of localities in the counties Constanta, Calarasi and Ialomita had no electricity on Monday, due to damage to electricity networks of Enel Distribution Dobrudja, caused by snowstorm and snowfalls. Company representatives promised that “the teams of Enel Distribution Dobrudja are workind uninterruptedly to reestablish customers’ connection to the electricity network”.

Also, several localities in the counties Ilfov and Giurgiu had a shortage of electricity on Monday, due to damages at electricity networks of Enel Distribution Muntenia.

In most cases, the damage was caused by the breaking of electricity cables due to the weight of snow or due to the snowstorm.

For people circulating through Bucharest during the day, this week, it was a genuine adventure. Because of the snow banks that were not removed in due time by local authorities, most difficult conditions were experienced by pedestrians around RATB bus stations.

Moreover, walking on sidewalks, even on the ones in central areas of Bucharest, was almost impossible, as these were fully covered by snow.

Students to return to school

After classes were fully suspended on Monday in seven counties and in Bucharest because of adverse weather, and were just partially held in another nine counties, students will return to school on Tuesday.

Classes in the pre-university education system are to resume on Tuesday in Bucharest, Ilfov, and other counties, Ministry of Education and Scientific Research (MENCS) spokesperson Mirabela Amarandei told Agerpres..

“We resumed dialogue with county school inspectorates. The situation changed compared to that communicated this morning. Classes will resume in Bucharest and Ilfov; in Ialomita classes will resume in urban areas; in Giurgiu they will resume except for the section Gogosari – Putineiu – Schitu; in Buzau classes will resume except for the section Buzau – Braila. We are waiting for decisions shortly, either at 1pm or at 4pm, depending on the progress in the prefectural colleges in other counties. In counties where courses are resumed partially, there is a possibility that the situation will change every hour, as roads are cleared,” the MENCS spokesperson explained.

Classes have been fully suspended in all secondary education units in 7 counties (lfov, Ialomita, Calarasi, Giurgiu, Buzau, Tulcea and Vrancea) and in the capital, due to adverse weather, and in other 9 counties (Vaslui, Braila, Galati, Constanta, Dambovita, Olt, Arges, Alba and Harghita ) classes are partially suspended, according to information released by county school inspectorates.

Inspectorate for Emergency Situations Bucharest worked to remove 500 fallen trees and electricity poles

Teams of the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (ISU) Bucharest worked on Monday to remove the hundreds of trees and electricity poles that fell on the roads and on parked cars due to the bad weather.

“We have registered 500 trees and electricity poles that fell on cars and on the roads and there are 200 damaged cars. Currently we are working on the removal of trees fallen on cars on Calea Grivitei, Drumul Gazarului, Baladei, Motoc, Istriei 3 Streets [and] Blvd. Theodor Pallady”, ISU Bucharest spokesman Daniel Vasile stated.

Moreover, according to Vasile, works were also under way at Blvd. Uverturii No. 2, where a tree fell on a news stand.

IGSU: More than 400 persons provided medical assistance by SMURD paramedics

Almost 900 persons were rescued from various emergency situations and 416 people received medical assistance from the Mobile Emergency Resuscitation and Extrication Service (SMURD) paramedics on Monday.

According to an Inspectorate General for Emergency Situations (IGSU) release, over 4,000 Interior Ministry workers, of whom 1,700 military firefighters, were deployed on Monday morning to the counties affected by blizzard and snowfalls, providing assistance to the population and the authorities in the areas affected by adverse weather phenomena.

Several rescue missions were carried out on the night of Sunday to Monday.

More heat for Bucharesters

he company Electrocentrale Bucharest (ELCEN) started a new heat generating block at CTE South, to grant heat and warm water for the next few days, when temperatures will be extremely low, according to a press release issued on Monday by the company.

Therefore, on Monday, they started Block No. 5 at CTE South and created conditions to supply an additional amount of heat, in case the demand increases.

Also, on Saturday, ELCEN started a new block at CTE West as well, also destined to cover Bucharesters’ extended consumption of heat for the next few days.

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