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October 19, 2021

IT&C sector – engine of the economy: Vector Smart Watch, Romanian gadget for the global market

Starting this January, the Vector Smart Watch can be bought from the offline and online stores of the most important traders in Romania following a partnership concluded with Network One Distribution Romania, the leader of the local electronics-IT products retail market.

“On such a dynamic and continuously growing market such as the market for smart gadgets, we are looking for trusted partners for Vector Watch, partners that could support us in attaining our goal of becoming undeniably the smart watch preferred by Romanians and by the region as a whole. And the mix between manufacturing a viable product, alongside the experience and vision of our retail and distribution partners in Romania, helps us develop a powerful brand,” Rares Florea, Vector Watch Commercial Director for Central and Eastern Europe, stated.

Vector Smart Watch is currently included in the commercial offer of eMAG, Flanco, Altex, Media Galaxy, Evomag.ro, F64.ro, CEL.ro, PC Garage.ro and Vexio.ro. In the following days, stores such as elefant.ro, Arsis and Watchshop.ro will add the smart watch, who has a battery life of 30 days, on their list of products.

Through its partnership with NOD, Vector Watch will accelerate its development at national level, aiming for tenfold growth in its sales volume by the end of 2016. The price of the watch varies from RON 1,350 to RON 2,200.

Launched in 2014, Vector Watch is an international tech company with offices in London, the Silicon Valley, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Bucharest. Despite having its headquarters in the United Kingdom, Romanians are the ones that laid the basis of the new brand. Vector is a company established by three Romanians – Dan Tudose, Andrei Pitis and Irina Alexandru – that has attracted financial support from Romanian entrepreneur Radu Georgescu. The company is led by Joe Santana, former Timex Group Director.

Radu Georgescu, who made a name for himself by selling an antivirus system to Microsoft, is now known mostly through his skills as trader of IT companies. He sets up or invests in a company, brings it up to competitive market standards and then obtains substantial profit by selling it.

The local origin of this innovative project aside, other details are important when it comes to a smart watch. Fortunately, Vector Smart Watch could tick off many user expectations and will integrate sufficient new characteristics to stand out on the market. First of all, it is among the few smart watches capable of working in tandem with iPhones or Android OS smartphones and Windows Phone terminals. Secondly, Vector Smart Watch allays the users’ biggest source of stress when it comes to gadgets. Unlike the Apple Watch that has a battery life of one day, or the Pebble, which boasts a battery life of 7 days, Vector’s gadget has a battery life of one month. The producer promises a battery life of around 30 days and the first reviews have confirmed that figure.

Vector’s vision is to connect people through smart devices and to enhance comfort through the use of relevant information, based on simple and intuitive technology. With its two models – Luna, with a round design, and Meridian, with a rectangular case –, Vector Smart Watch is representative for minimalist design, standing out through its simple and refined style.

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