PNL nominates 14 candidates for the city halls of county seat municipalities

National Liberal Party’s Political Bureau (NPB) nominated on Monday 14 of the candidates for the city halls of county seats and 3 of the candidates for the chairmanship of county councils, PNL Co-President Vasile Blaga stated at a press conference that followed the NPB meeting.

In the case of the Bucharest City Hall, MEP Cristian Busoi’s candidacy remains uncertain. PNL Co-President Vasile Blaga stated that more sociological surveys will be carried out in Bucharest and in other counties before the candidates are nominated.
The 14 nominated candidates are Mircea Hava in Alba Iulia, Gheorghe Falca in Arad, Dragos Luchia in Bacau, Stefan Boboc in Braila, Emil Boc in Cluj Napoca, Pavel Badea in Craiova, Petru Marginean in Deva, Nicusor Ciumacenco in Galati, Daniel Carjan in Drobeta Turnu Severin, Marius Bodea in Iasi, Andrei Volosevici in Ploiesti, Ioan Popa in Resita, Marius Balasa in Slatina, Nicolae Robu in Timisoara, Ionel Pala in Bacau, Alin Tise in Cluj and Eugen Parvulescu in Teleorman.

Alina Gorghiu: “PNL will propose the adoption, through OUG, of the two-round electoral system for city halls”

PNL’s National Political Bureau decided on Monday to propose to the Premier the adoption, through emergency government ordinance (OUG), of the stipulation that concerns the election of mayors in two rounds, PNL Co-President Alina Gorghiu stated at the press conference that followed the NPB meeting.

“The second thing we decided today has to do with two-round local elections. I believe it is the most important process to take place for local communities this year, I am talking about the election of mayors. In addition, they are, in fact, the first elections after the citizens’ protests at the end of last year. One of the concrete demands they had was the return to an electoral process based on two rounds. It’s an idea we backed unreservedly, we had two motions within PNL’s leadership bodies. We had a draft law that is still within the electoral code commission. And, unfortunately, I have to confess, both my colleagues and I lacked the sufficient number of MPs needed to get this draft rolling in Parliament,” Gorghiu stated.
According to the PNL Co-President, “PSD is the main opponent of this project which concerns legitimacy, representativity, democracy.”

“The only realistic option of implementing this change is the adoption of this stipulation through emergency ordinance. This is the reason why, following the political talks I had with my colleagues today, we reached the conclusion that we have to propose to Prime Minister Ciolos to take into account civil society’s requests. He doesn’t have to take into account PNL’s opinion, just as we don’t believe he has to take into account the opinion of PSD, which will oppose this project. I don’t believe the politicians’ opinion is relevant on this topic. I believe however that the opinion of civil society in Romania is more than relevant. And I trust the Prime Minister will resist any pressure that PSD will exert in order for this ordinance not to be adopted. Likewise, I believe the Prime Minister and his Government are profoundly attached to the citizen’s agenda and will answer the exigencies of the need for democracy and legitimacy. There are multiple arguments that the public agenda has imposed, that we have identified, ranging from the issue of legitimacy to the need for competition, to the fact that two rounds would result in the renewal of the political class,” Alina Gorghiu stated.

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