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January 18, 2022

Protests supporting Bodnariu family: 5,000 persons took to the streets in Suceava, 1,500 in Arad

Approximately 5,000 persons attended on Saturday, in Suceava, a protest meeting supporting Bodnariu family, due to their claims that Norwegian social services abusively seized their five children and initiated the procedure of international adoption for them.

The meeting was announced on a socializing network, as Marius Bodnariu, the father of the five children, was born in Iaslovat commune in Suceava county. It was held in front of the Administrative Palace in Suceava and among the attendants, there was the president of the parliamentary group for friendship with Norway, PSD Senator Ovidiu Dontu.

The action started with the singing of the hymn, as the attendants held placards with messages such as “Norway, stop kidnapping children” or “Stop Barnevernet”.
People declared that they are also supportive of Nan family, who has moved to Norway, as well, and had their children taken into custody last October.

The organizer of the meeting, David Regus, university colleague of Daniel Bodnariu, Marius Bodnariu’s brother, declared that the events in Norway were “outrageous”.

“What happens today, here, in Suceava, in front of the Prefect’s Office, is an obvious sign that solidarity exists. Romanians who experience the drama of having their children taken away need our solidarity”, David Regus mentioned.

PSD Senator Ovidiu Dontu, the Head of the Romania-Norway friendship parliamentary group, expressed his indignation concerning the things going on in Norway and declared they will demand Romanian authorities to take matters to ECHR.

“The Romanian state has the option of initiating an interstate trial against the Norwegian state at the European Court of Human Rights and we will demand Romanian authorities to file charges at ECHR, in order to solve Romanian families’ issues. I think it is important to protest peacefully, to express our indignation, to demand information and to start lawsuits in oder to help this family get back together”, Ovidiu Dontu declared.

Approximately 1,500 citizens in Arad attend march and meeting to support Bodnariu family

Approximately 1,500 persons attended on Saturday, in the centre of Arad, a march and a meeting of support for Bodnariu family. The protesters were accompanied by a brass band and by Mayor Gheorghe Falca himself.
Based on appeals launched on socializing networks, over 1,500 citizens of Arad gathered on Saturday on the pedestrian street Metianu, where they started a march on Revolution Boulevard, up to the headquarters of the Mayoralty, obstructing car traffic.

Organizers demanded President Klaus Iohannis to intervene in order to solve the problem, and attendants also carried placards of messages destined to the President.
The action in Arad lasted two hours and was authorized, as well as supervised by gendarmes and police officers.

Romania’s Ambassador in Oslo, Adrian Gabriel Davidoiu, The Consul of the Embassy, Mihai Oprescu and an expert sent by the central office of the Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister (MAE) met the Bodnariu family and their lawyer, MAE announced, mentioning as well that the children would be visited by the consul.

The Norwegian side pointed out that there was “legal proof on the parents” and once again outlined that the investigation by Barnevernet did not concern religious matters, a fact that was confirmed by the family as well.

In the attention of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of the National Authority for Children’s Rights and Adoption Rights (ANPDCA) there are, at this point, seven cases of families of Romanian citizens, whose children, amounting to 16, were taken into custody by Norwegian authorities.

Thus, in the last five years, besides the Bodnariu case, they started actions, based on received reports, concerning six other cases of families of Romanian citizens who were solved in five cases by returning eight minors back to Romania and in the sixth case, by returning two children to a family of Romanians established in Norway.

Among these cases, there is also the one of Nan family. Dumitru and Mihaela Nan, born in Maramures County and established in Norway five years ago, lost their two children in October 2015, when they were taken into custody by child protection service Barnevernet and placed in a foster family. At that time, the Nan couple were summoned by the police office, questioned and finally notified by employees of the child protection service that their children were taken into custody for being beaten.

Accusations were based on the fact that the daughter of the Nan family declared she was beaten while she was taped without consent of the family while she was playing and answering questions about her parents.

According to Mediafax, the case will be discussed again on January 20, by a committee of the child protection service.

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