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October 31, 2020

“The Name of God is Mercy”, Pope Francis’ book, hits book shops

Trei Publishing House announces the release of the book “The Name of God is Mercy”, written by Pope Francis and translated in 82 countries.

“The Church’s first duty is not to condemn, but to allow the meeting with that visceral love that is God’s mercy. This is why, as a priest, it is important to get out. It is important to get out from churches and parishes, to seek people where they live, where they suffer, where they hope”. (Pope Francis.)

Another quote in the book says “Mercy is God’s first attribute. It is God’s name. There are no situations we cannot leave, we are not condemned to get swallowed by moving sands”.
In a simple and direct speech, Pope Francis addresses all men and women, on earth, establishing intimate and personal dialogue. The book speaks about the Pope’s most beloved topic – mercy – that was always the cardinal point of his confession and now, of his pontificate. Each page vibrates of the wish to reach out to those souls – in the Church or outside of it – that seek the meaning of life, a path of peace and of reconciliation, a treatment for physical and spiritual injuries. First of all, this troubled humanity in suffering needs to be accepted, not rejected: poor and marginalized ones, convicts and prostitutes, confused people and people who wandered away from faith, the homosexuals and the divorced.

In dialogue with Vaticanist Andrea Tornielli, Francis explains – bringing up his youth memories and his experience as a member of the clergy – the reason for summoning an extraordinary Holy Year he strongly wishes. Without denying the ethical and theological issues, Francis reaffirms that the Church cannot close anyone’s door; moreover, it has the task of making a breach in consciences to give hope concerning the assumption of responsibility and getting far away from committed evil.

In a confession filled with sincerity, Francis does not avoid approaching the relation between mercy, justice and corruption. Christians included among the “right ones” are reminded that “The Pope himself is a man who needs the mercy of God”.

The book “The Name of God is Mercy” is published in 82 countries.

“In a world marked by speed, and, therefore, by the incapacity to find ourselves a prompt answer to the questions stirred by the meaning of our action, by the fundamental sense each of us needs to define in his lifetime, we need today, just as we needed at any point in history, a spiritual guide. A wise voice to accompany us throughout the spiritual adventure we are experiencing day by day. A guide to help us define and harmonize our purposes in report to our responsibility to others. Pope Francis invites us to this intimate dialogue of ideas, by a confession that starts from him towards us, instilling in us, therefore, the force to confront ourselves and the challenges we need to deal with”, Magdalena Marculescu, editorial manager of Trei Publishing House declared.

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