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January 17, 2022

Health Minister Achimas: We lay stress on health education

Health Minister Patriciu Achimas-Cadariu told Agepres that a priority of the ministry he is heading envisages a change in philosophy, a new perspective of the field, laying more stress on the education of the potential patient from the youngest age.

“What we build, we build thinking in the long term. We don’t reinvent things, we set ourselves certain priorities, we want a healthy population who duly reports to the doctor, so that diseases are tracked in incipient stages, so that we are able to timely identify asymptomatic diseases. Therefore we view the health education and prevention package as a priority. Obviously, we won’t be able to cover the entire pathology and we’ll evidently be unable to change the education system overnight. But we think of it as an integrated system and we would want to be able to build the curriculum this year, so that we leave a perfectly clear direction for the coming years, and this curriculum covers the young and very young as well as preschoolers in a balanced and integrated manner, the more so as in the end they will also be the vectors of change, because they will undoubtedly discuss this with their families. Targeted at the same time are also the adults and the doctors, because we live in a time of patient-centered medicine. The patient needs to be also informed before he reports to the doctor, to be correctly informed on everything that’s going on with his person, so that at the time of the consultation there is an interface correctly prepared by education starting right during school years. At the same time, the doctor must be able to handle a potential patient as a person who is involved in decision-making and on whom one doesn’t enforce anything,” said Patriciu Achimas.

As for the health education package, Achimas added that a relevant protocol will also be signed with the Ministry of National Education. Mass awareness programs carrying health education information will be run, as well as continuous education programs for the medical personnel.

Achimas to attend ministerial meeting on nosocomial infections in Amsterdam

Health Minister Patriciu Achimas-Cadariu will participate in a meeting on the topic of hospital-acquired infections held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in the first half of February.

“Between February 9-10 we will participate in Amsterdam, together with all EU health and agriculture ministers in a meeting on this topic – nosocomial infections, considered in connection also with agriculture and with the use of antibiotics in veterinary medicine. The concern is at a European-wide level,” the official told Agerpres.

After the fire in Colectiv Club and after several people lost their lives including due to hospital-acquired infections, the Health Ministry requested checks in hospitals throughout the country, a measure aimed at keeping nosocomial infections under control.

“After the tragedy in Colectiv, we take on a programme for burnt victims as part of the priority programmes and, in the same context, we are initiating a short-term, medium and long control programme of nosocomial infections. This issue was discussed several times, right now we also have a report of the commission dealing with this problem and we are implementing the measures recommended by specialists. We will have to increase awareness on these infections, which are a global, European problem,” the minister explained.

According to the Health Minister, when it comes to hospital-acquired infections, one should first consider using antibiotics in a rational manner, rather than tearing down old hospitals and building new ones, as is the practice in some countries.

Asked whether the victims of Colectiv Club that suffered burns would have had better chances of survival, had they been treated abroad from the beginning, the Health Minister said that nosocomial infections can be contracted in any hospital.

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