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February 8, 2023

Over 3 million hectares of forest, returned to private owners

The surface area of retroceded forests stood at approximately 3.17 million hectares on 30 April 2014, of which 1.89 million hectares were retroceded on the basis of Law no.1/2000 which stipulates the return of forests to physical persons within the limit of 10 hectares, according to Development and Innovation Institute (DII) data. The data was recently presented at an event that marked 25 years of environment protection in Romania.

“An important part of privately-owned forests, namely 803,000 hectares, are owned by approximately 706,000 owners, the average size of a property being 1.1 hectares. At national level, when including the totality of private owners, meaning administrative units, physical and juridical persons and various forms of association, the average size of the property is 4.6 hectares for 3,300,000 hectares and 716,000 owners,” the DII report shows.

According to the aforementioned source, the Romanian state owns and manages, through Romsilva, a surface area of 4.160 million hectares, of which 3.060 million hectares represent state-owned forests. At the same time, over 500,000 hectares of forests are outside any administrative form.

Law no.18/1991 stipulated the return of forests to physical persons within the limit of 1 hectare. Subsequently, law no.1/2000 expanded the limit for physical persons to 10 hectares.

Likewise, through law no.247/2005, the person who owned 12 hectares of compact forest before the 1948 nationalization currently owns three properties totalling 12 hectares, namely 1 hectare based on law no.18/1991, 9 hectares based on law no.1/2000 and 2 hectares based on law no.247/2005, DII representatives point out. The data offered in November 2015 by the National Forestry Inventory show that the real total surface area of Romania’s forestry fund stood at 6.99 million hectares.

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