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February 9, 2023

Automotive sales up by over 20 pc

Automotive sales increased 20.1 percent in 2015 to 120,591 units, while the national automobile production saw a setback of 1.1 percent from the previous year, declining to 387,177 units, shows data provided by the Association of Automotive Manufacturers and Importers (APIA).

Just like in previous years, domestic sales were mainly supported by car purchases by legal entities, which account for 74 percent of the all-year figure, versus 26 percent for individuals.

APIA statistics also reveal that the automotive production in 2015 was 60 percent higher compared to the reference year 2007, when 241,712 units were sold.

Official data shows that of the total of 387,177 units produced in 2015, Dacia rolled out 339,204 and Ford 47,967 units.

As far as exports are concerned, the 355,297 units recorded in the previous year mark a 2.5 percent decrease compared to 2014. With 162,683 units, Dacia Duster was the most exported model, but it was down 1.3 percent from the entire year 2014. Dacia Logan is next in the ranking with 54,409 units (-18.1 percent), followed by Dacia Sandero with 52,170 units (+ 30.9 percent), Ford B-Max with 47,963 units (-9.2 percent) and Logan MCV with 38,072 units (-3.4 percent).

Passenger cars represent 81 percent of total domestic sales, specifically 93,325 units, up 18.7 percent YOY.

In the car category, Dacia was the leading brand with 33,890 units (34.5 percent of the total market), followed by Volkswagen (9,791 units, 10 percent of the total) and Skoda (8,849 units, 9 percent of the total).

By the type of fuel they are running on, diesel cars further dominate the market with a share of 53.5 percent, yet they have been on a steadily declining trend since the beginning of 2015, and relevant deliveries were 3 percent less than in 2014. Conversely, local sales of hybrid or 100 percent electric cars stood at 495 units, by 100 percent more compared to the 236 units sold in 2014.

For a correlation with APIA statistics, data from the Driving Licenses and Vehicle Registration Department released on Tuesday reveals that at the end of 2015 Romania’s national car fleet totaled about 6.6 million units, up 5.27 percent from the 6.27 million units at the end of 2014.

Of this total figure, 1.19 million units (of which 956,664 cars) were registered in Bucharest

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