Former SPP officer, PNL candidate for the Mayoralty of Targu Jiu

Octavian Lupulescu is the Liberals’ candidate to the Mayoralty of Targu Jiu, at the local elections. The decision was reached due to the results of an opinion poll ordered by PNL Gorj, Romania TV reported.

The decision follows an opinion poll requested by PNL Gorj, that showed Lupulescu was the lead favourite, despite of the fact that the list of potential candidates had also Eduard Berca, Marcel Romanescu, Niculina Mocioi, Marian Rotaru and Victor Banta.
The Secretary General of PNL Gorj, Octavian Lupulescu, mentioned that he wanted to found a team with the other candidates included in the opinion poll and together, “to struggle for winning the Mayoralty of Targu-Jiu.”

“I feel that it is necessary to point out that, throughout the time, I said that I did not want to run for the Mayoralty of Targu – Jiu. It was a situation that ended yesterday, because, until yesterday, I have not submitted my candidacy to the Mayoralty of Targu Jiu. Following the discussions inside the party and the poll results, the situation changed radically. Because I have been trained throughout my life to solve presented and imposed, I would like to ask my colleagues to create with me a team to once again solve the imposed situation. From today on, we are a team struggling for winning over the Mayoralty of Targu – Jiu”, Octavian Lupulescu declared, quoted by Agerpres.

Octavian Lupulescu has been an officer of the Protection and Guard Service (SPP) and has held a position of manager at AJVPS Gorj.

Octavian Lupulescu was also in the books for the position of prefect of Gorj County, in 2012, yet the plan was not put into practice, the local press showed.

The management of PNL approved on Monday candidates for Mayoralties in 14 municipalities that were county residences, as well as candidates for the presidency of county councils in Bacau, Cluj and Teleorman.

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