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January 18, 2022

800,000 signatures against gay marriages

In only one month, the Coalition for Family, an alliance of 23 organizations, managed to gather 825,000 signatures to support a project to review the Constitution, in order to redefine marriage, Jurnalul National reports. Actually, the authors of the signatures pointed out their wish that only marriages between women and men be allowed, not gay marriages.

“So far, we collected 825,000 signatures. (…) There were 40 county committees founded that actually organize and coordinate this collecting of signatures. (…) Under its coordination, throughout the six months established by the law, there will be almost 80,000 volunteers continuing the collect these signatures”, the leader of the initiating committee Mihai Gheorghiu declared, who was also the general deputy manager of the Romanian Peasant’s Museum and former state secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jurnalul National reported.

The legal initiative launched by the Collection for Family in December 2015 intends to review article no. 48, paragraph 1 in the Romanian Constitution, so that the paragraph “The family is based on the freely consented union of spouses, on their equality and on the right and duty of parents to grant the support, education and instruction of children.”

The review of the Romanian Constitution may be completed, according to article no. 150, if it is supported by at least “500,000 citizens with the right to vote”.

Yet, Gheorghiu mentioned that they intended to collect a higher number of signatures than stipulated by the law, precisely to rise a signal, a confession a warning to all political and governmental factors concerning the necessity to protet the family.

The initiative committee of the Coalition consists of 16 members and is multi-religious, as it includes Orthodoxes, Catholics, Greek Catholis, Baptists and Penticostals.

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