Liviu Dragnea, meeting with Patriarch Theophilos III, in Israel

Social Democrat Party (PSD) chairman Liviu Dragnea met on Thursday in Israel with Theophilos III, Patriarch of Jerusalem and of the entire Palestine. Right at the entrance to the Patriarch office, His Excellence showed Dragnea an additional proof of his respect for the Romanian nation: an icon of Saint Constantin Brancoveanu and his sons, received from Patriarch Daniel in 2014, when His Excellence visited Romania.

“This icon with the Holy Brancoveanu family is one I am deeply attached to, this is why I wanted to see it every day, when I arrive to my office, as it is an authentic bridge between our nations, between Christians with similar visions on the overwhelming role of religion, which is to unite, not to cause discord.

Unfortunately, there are also people who, in the name of religion, fight with weapons that make human victims”, Patriarch Theophilos III, declared, as quoted by Realitatea Bucharest.

On his turn, the President of PSD announced the High Priest that Romanians are a nation that loves peace, good relations between people of various cultures, faith and traditions.

“Our message has always been and will always be a peaceful ones, as Romanians hate war, fights and antagonistic tensions. We have many Israeli friends, as well as Greeks – the native country of Patriarch Theophilos III, as well as other nationalities. For us, good cohabitation and neighbourly relations are not just mere words, nor phrases in speeches, but a way to feel and speak every day”, Dragnea assured the Patriarch of Jerusalem and of the entire Palestine.

Also, Liviu Dragnea forwarded His Excellence a message of friendship and best thoughts from behalf of the Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, His Excellence Daniel.
During his five-day visit to Israel, PSD leader Liviu Dragnea also had a meeting on Wednesday with Jerusalem Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and also with the leader of the Israeli Parliament, Yuli-Yoel Edelstein.

Also, the head of Romanian Social-Democrats attended discussions with the President of the Parliamentary Group of Friendship Israel, Romania, Yoseph Yonah, with the President of Labour Party, Isaac Herzog, and also with Ilan Gilon, Vice-President of the Meretz Party, an occasion for Dragnea to discuss political situation in the region and the role Romania might play in negotiations for EU to reconsider its position to Israel.

“Israeli politicians, regardless of whether they hold the power or are in the opposition, have a great friendship with Romanians, as their majority has Hebrew friends born in Romania. They have all visited our country and were impressed by the hospitability of Romanians and the multiple attractions for tourists found in our country: the Danube Delta, mountain regions, the seaside. At the level of the Parliament, Israeli politicians wish a more intense collaboration, common projects and an increased dynamics of legal initiatives favouring both sides”, a press release by PSD announces.

Continuing his official visit to Israel, Dragnea also met Tzipi Livni, head of Partidului Hatnuah, ex-Vice Premier and Foreign Affairs Minister.
“During this meeting, I promised Ms. Tzipi Livni that Romania will keep its balanced position concerning the tensions that appeared between Israel anf the European Union concerning the labelling of Israeli products”, Dragnea wrote on Thursday on his Facebook page. “The Romanian country has great relations with the Israeli state and we never belie people who have supported us”, Dragnea mentioned.

The delegation also includes Deputy Gabriel Vlase, Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies and PSD Vice-President; Senator Gabriela Firea, PSD Vice-President; Deputy Georgian Pop, PSD Vice-President and Deputy Daniel Florea.

Social Democrat leader Dragnea meets representatives of Romanian community in Israel

Liviu Dragnea, who is on an official visit to Jerusalem, has met with representatives of the Romanian community in Israel, according to a press release issued on Friday for Agerpres.

According to this document, during the talks with the Romanians in Israel – members of some NGOs, entrepreneurs, associations, foundations and journalists – the wish for a more efficient collaboration with Romanian authorities, both governmental as well as parliamentary ones, was underscored.

Another topic discussed was finding solutions for righting the “errors” in the Romanian-Israeli Agreement on labour force, because “certain provisions have blocked the inflow of Romanian workers legally working there and who are very appreciated in Israel.”

“In the previous years, 1,500 people a year used to come, whereas now only 200 workers arrive in Israel to work because of the deficiencies in the Agreement,” reads the press release.

Talks also addressed the re-opening of a branch of the National Tourism Agency in Israel, because there are “many Israeli tourists who come often to Romania and, there are also many Romanians traveling to the Holy Land, and all of them need specialized guidance.”

“One of the participants in the meeting even proposed starting a tourism program ‘Spa Romania,’ which would be very well received by the Israelis who want to treat their health conditions in our resorts,” the said source pointed out.

According to the press release, the PSD chairman assured that he will continue to be on the side of the Jewish community in Romania, as well as of the Jews in the Diaspora.

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