Project: Bird feeders in Bucharest large public gardens

The large Bucharest public gardens will host feeders for the wild birds wintering here, in a project of the Romanian Ornithological Society (SOR).

In all, there will be 30 such feeders installed, the highest number existing in a city of Romania, the SOR informed Agerpres on Friday.

“Few people know that Bucharest is a city hosting more than sparrows, crows and gulls. We have titmice, siskins, greenfinches, robins, thrushes, woodpeckers, bullfinches, blackbirds, and many other species. In winter, especially on such low temperatures, the birds need our help to survive. That is why the ‘Bucharest gets wings’ project was fathered, a project through which we wish to install feeders for birds in every large public gardens, and in many others, of smaller dimensions,” said Valentin Marin, the manager of the new project of the SOR.

The Romanian Ornithological Society is inviting the Bucharesters to feed the birds during winter time, be they songbirds or not. The simplest gesture is to place a feeder close to the window, on the sill or in the garden. The sunflower seeds, the sorghum, wheat and hemp seeds are ideal for the birds now. The feed should not be necessarily posh, sometimes it’s enough to give them seeds on the window sill. The SOR has done all approaches to have the feeders approved by authorities, built of wood, to perfectly integrate in the public space without ruining the aesthetics of the public gardens.

“We’d like to extend this project countrywide, in the localities where we have branches, members and volunteers,” Marin added.

For now, this project is supported by the TV channel Viasat Nature, the Luconsult Company and has the AGERPRES National News Agency as media partner. Those who wish to get involved in the project can contact its founders at office@sor.ro.

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