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September 30, 2022

Who will go voting this time?

Between a slide on ice and a fall worthy of a hockey champion, a triple toe loop skilfully executed around the borders that may hardly be seen between pools of gutter and a few slaloms among white-dotted brown snow banks in bus station, the regular Romanian also gives a thought about elections.

About choosing a better coat, cheaper medication of a Mayor, a Deputy or a Senator who should not be offered by masked police officers a pair of steel bracelets as a gift during the four years he is supposed to do something for his citizens.

These are tough choices, the Romanian thinks while rather staying than walking in a traffic paralysed by a few centimetres of show. ndeed, the last of the three seems an utopia in anyone’s mind under the circumstances that, after more than a year of arrests orchestrated by the National Anticorruption Directorate, broadcast not only by Romanian television stations, but also by foreign ones, viewed with great passion in our country, even more fiercely than a daytime drama about Suleyman, there are still Mayors and Members of the Parliament who are caught in the act – with marked bills in their pockets. “How stupid and greedy are you if you are still taking bribe?” is the first reply on anyone’s lips, outright predictable. It is closely followed by “How stupid would anyone be to ever vote again?”

And they are fully entitled to feel this way. Actually, at this time, we have a Parliament where one out of five members has legal issues. One out of five! And it continues to make the laws of this country. And in every county of Romania – absolutely in every one! – there is a Mayor who has played around the law until he fell in police officers’ net. We are almost qualified to believe that we could end up in the Guinness Book of Records, if anyone made such proposal.

Because the things that happened in this country during these 26 years are unique in the world. Everything was stolen, from forests to factories and fields, in a rollercoaster of crimes orchestrated by wolves appointed guardians over sheep, a rollercoaster that is just as hard to stop as an avalanche on a deforested mountain slope. Because this country was deforested by its conscience and respect, and the effects are about to be experienced for a long time from now on.

And then, under these circumstances, who will ever trust politicians that spoil you to suffocation until you vote for them and afterwards, abandon you at your hardest moments, when you need them the most, as if you were a dirty sock, for this year’s local and parliamentary elections? Who will ever trust any more these people smiling at us on poster and giving us a thumbs up? Who will ever be sure that the one he places his stamp on, with the word “Voted” will place the interests of the citizens and those of the country above his own wish to gain wealth?
According to an opinion poll conducted by CIADO at the end of last year in three historical regions: Moldova, Transylvania and Muntenia, as well as in Bucharest, the intention to vote and the trust in political parties decreased dramatically.

Thus, over 20 per cent of voters are still undecided when it comes to elections. Also, according to a market research organized by the Political Rating Agency, no more than 41 per cent of Romanians would go voting if there were elections next Sunday. Moreover, another opinion poll held in December by INSCOP revealed the fact that 44.1 per cent of Romanians have no voting option, 27.6 per cent of them are completely undecided, 10.5% are firmly decided to not go voting and 6% are completely indifferent.

Nonetheless, our country does little to stimulate us to be decided as the date we would go voting at the local and parliamentary elections – which is, in just a few months! – is still unknown, and our leaders are caught in the midst of arguments concerning the number of voting rounds.

And the parties, more fearful than ever before, do little to encourage us on their turn: they keep postponing the announce of the names that would be present on voting bulletins.

Thus, the electoral year 2016 seems scarcely more than a nebula. Which only makes Romanians swear more fiercely at the political class and authorities, who always seem taken by surprise by what is happening to us.

Even by elections.

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