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March 31, 2023

Election of mayors in two rounds, increasingly taking shape. Iohannis says it’s “a very good idea”, Ciolos considers all possibilities to implement such a measure

Iohannis: Election of mayors in two rounds – very good idea

The idea of electing the mayors in two rounds is very good, said President Klaus Iohannis on Sunday, in the northeastern city if Iasi, when attending the celebration of the Union of the Romanian Principalities.

Klaus Iohannis said that the change of the current law depends on the parliamentary parties and the Government, and added he wishes both to find “the wisest solution.”

“The idea is very good, of course. Question is if it is still possible, with so little time ahead of the elections, to changing the law. This is a decision at the Parliamentary parties’ hand, and in a certain measure, at the Government’s. I wish them to find the wisest solution,” the head of state said.

We consider all possibilities of electing mayors in two rounds, says PM Ciolos

Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos said on Sunday in Iasi that he will talk to the political parties about the election of mayors in two rounds, adding he is considering all possibilities to implement such a measure, the one of assuming responsibility in the Parliament included.

“We consider all possibilities,” said Ciolos, in answer to the questions of the media.

The National Liberal Party (PNL) co-chair Alina Gorghiu has asked the Social Democrat Party (PSD) leader Liviu Dragnea on Saturday to “be jointly to the Romanians who wish a real competition in the local elections,” and accept the idea of electing the mayors in two rounds.

The staging of local elections in one round or more is a political option, and the Fundamental Law makes no references to such aspect, but says there should be free, periodical and correct elections, last Wednesday said the Chairman of the Constitutional Court, Augustin Zegrean.

Klaus Iohannis says citizens expect from politicians to keep their word, observe the law

President Klaus Iohannis said in the debut of the Union Day’s celebrations in Iasi, that the Romanian citizens expect simple things from the politicians, namely that they keep their word and observe the law.

Iohannis added that in the 2016 electoral year, the political parties have the opportunity to show that they have understood this simple demand and reconnect to the citizens’ confidence.

“2016 is an electoral year. Here comes the period when the political class has a chance to get reconnected to the citizens’ aspirations, to rebuild the confidence broken in time and assume responsibilities. I believe the citizens wish simple things from politicians: to keep their word, to put their power and skills in the service of the public interest and to observe the laws. The parties have the obligation to demonstrate that they have understood these things through their behavior, through the people they will throw in the political contests and their actions throughout this year,” said Iohannis.

The head of state added that all of those “who will compete in the electoral battles should remember, beyond their political colour and interests, that we all have the same target: the welfare of the people we represent.”

He said he hopes that “we are going to have a decent electoral year, with tenacity, work and professionalism as winners.”

On the other hand, the head of state emphasized that this year he would get involved in the public life in order to draw attention of the citizens upon the need to forging a brand new political class.

“My voice will be heard the long of this year, yet not to get into any campaign, but to talk about renewing the political class and to continue to change the way of doing politics. We need new approaches, new ideas, new people who have understood that the bad habits of the past should stay there, that we could not continue by cheating the people’s hopes,” concluded Iohannis.

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