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May 12, 2021

President Iohannis, PM Ciolos attend celebration of the Small Union of the Romanian Principalities in Iasi

President Klaus Iohannis said on Sunday, in Iasi, at the celebration of the Small Union of the Romanian Principalities, that a speedway to link the eastern Moldavia to the rest of the country and to Europe should be a priority.

The Union was accomplished when Alexandru Ioan Cuza was elected prince of Wallachia on January 24, 1859, after he had been elected prince of Moldavia on January 5. The Small Union accomplished 157 years ago was a first important stage in the achievement of the Romanian national unitary state.

Iohannis: A speedway linking Moldavia to rest of country, Europe priority project

“I know that there are a lot of things to put straight, that we face shortcomings. I’m confident that we could amend and administrate them, together, with work, seriousness and the wish to leave a better country to the future generations. For example, Moldavia is still suffering from economic gaps. A speedway to link Moldavia to the rest of the country and to Europe would bring numerous benefits, and in the next period this should become a priority project,” said Iohannis.

President Iohannis stressed that the Romanian nation knows and is capable to finish large projects and has demonstrated that it had and still has the right people in the decisive moments.

“I say it with all confidence that we are a nation that could stay head up in Europe of year 2016. Some will tell you that we have no reasons of joy today. And yet it is a celebration of the Romanian statehood. We are members of the European community, we are part of the largest, most powerful military alliance ever and many areas in our society show signs of recovery. We are a nation that has demonstrated that it used to have and still has the right persons in the crucial moments, that it knows to conclude large projects,” the head of state added.

PM Ciolos: We are with our brothers across the Prut River

Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos said at the Union Day’s celebrations that Romania is with the Republic of Moldova, and that the Bucharest government reconfirms its support for the aspirations of this country’s citizens.

“Our brothers across the Prut River do live deep social, political challenges. We are with them in this period and I reconfirm the support the Romanian Government is giving the aspirations of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova for a society capable to observe the real civic, European values,” said Dacian Ciolos.

The Premier added that the Government he is heading will capitalize the idea of union.

“We come here, every year, on January 24 to recall the first important step in the becoming of modern Romania. The idea of this celebration is the unification, a noble idea then, useful and generous idea now. The unification made the Romanian Principalities 157 years ago to get strength around a country project. It is a country project, on other coordinates, starting from other premises that we all work to, currently. The Government I am heading is proposing to capitalize the generous idea of unification, around some widely shared general principles and objectives,” said PM Ciolos.

The Prime Minister added that he learned from the lesion of the history that “when we make it to find joint targets and work in the spirit of the values, we could be a dignified, self-confident state,” and that in Romania “inevitable differences among political parties” could be overcome.

Foreign Minister Comanescu: Union of Principalities a success of Romanian foreign policy, too

The January 24, 1859 Union of Principalities, Wallachia and Moldavia, in one single state, Romania was also a success of the Romanian foreign policy, says the Foreign Affairs Minister, Lazar Comanescu in a message sent to Agerpres on Sunday.

“The Romanian diplomacy has had the ability to eye, in its foreign political contacts the attaining of the national ideal that led to the modernization of Romania and its institutions,” said Comanescu in his message.

The Romanian diplomacy’s head deems that “the anniversary of the Romanian Principalities’ Union, at January 24, 1859 has a special significance for the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE), since it is a good occasion to recall the activity of the Foreign Affairs Section with the State Secretariate, established through a Decree on March 6, 1859, on which grounds in 1862 the MAE was fathered.”

“In 2019, we shall celebrate 160 years since the Union of the Romanian Principalities. We’ll have then to pass, in further to the road started in 1859, a test of our maturity as Member State of the European Union: the takeover by Romania of the half-year presidency of the EU Council. We think, therefore to this major objective and to several other stage objectives we have to attain in this period,” the chief diplomat said.

Small Union celebrated in Iasi by rd 300 nationals of Basarabia

As many as 300 citizens of the Republic of Moldova have arrived on Sunday in the Northeastern city of Iasi to attend the celebrations of the Small Union, the union of the two Romanian Principalities, on January 24, 1859, namely Wallachia and Moldavia, under the rule of Alexandru Ioan Cuza.

Some of them have reached the Union Square with both the flag of Romania and the Republic of Moldova’s, as well as banners with symbolic messages, such as: ‘We want the Union’ and ‘Union – national target.’

At the same time, they ask in slogans “the unification of Basarabia with the Motherland.”

“We, the Romanians from the Republic of Moldova wish to return to our Motherland, Romania. This is an important day to us, in particular given the circumstances our country is currently facing. We wish to unite with Romania and the cancellation of the Ribbetrop-Molotov Pact,” said for Agerpres, Vlad Biletchi, president of the ‘Honour, Dignity, Homeland’ organization of the Republic of Moldova.

Among the authorities of Moldova who have attended the 157th anniversary of the Small Union of the two Romanian Principalities was the Chisinau mayor, Dorin Chirtoaca.

Chisinau Mayor Chirtoaca says wishes Moldova’s unification with Romania so security umbrella reaches Dniester

Dorin Chirtoaca said in Iasi his ideal is that the Republic of Moldova unites with Romania so that the people in the neighbour country are protected by a security umbrella.

“I wish the security umbrella stretches over the Prut River, to the Dniester and farther, to protect us, the ones over there, from the misdeeds further coming from Kremlin, and the passport to be one and only, instead of two. This is what I wish for the future,” said Chirtoaca in his speech in Iasi.

He added that the Ungheni-Targu Mures-Iasi speedway should cross the Republic of Moldova, either, up to Chisinau capital.

“I believe this speedway should get straight to Chisinau, because these are the first steps to succeed to narrow down mentalities of the citizens’ on both banks of the Prut. In the 19th century, our unpaired national poet Mihai Eminescu, the one who said it clearly and convincingly that we all are Romanians, wrote ‘From Dniester to Tisza every each Romanian complained to me.’ I wish that in the 21st century, from Dniester to Tisza River, the Romanians to be proud to live united in freedom and prosperity, after so much estrangement,” said Dorin Chirtoaca.

He told the rd 10,000 persons attending the celebrations in the Union Square of Iasi, that he was impressed to having been given two small tricolour flags from the Iasi citizens, but added that he would like that this flags become one and only for both countries on the two banks of the Prut River.

“This is how we shall live in unity and prosperity. May God help us for our national ideal comes true in the 21st century,” concluded the Mayor of Chisinau.

Tomac at Romanian Diaspora conference: Work started in 1859, with union of two Principalities stays put

The work that has started in 1859, with the unification of the two Romanian Principalities stays actual, considering that the Romanian nation is not complete yet, said the deputy of the People’s Movement (MP), Eugen Tomac on Sunday, in the opening of the works of the Romanians’ Everywhere Conference at the Parliament Palace in Bucharest.

He told the rd 400 Romanians attending the conference that their numerous presence means an important sign to the Romanian state, given that the event is organized with no involvement of the state bodies, but by the Chamber of Deputies’ member Tomac, in partnership with an initiative committee forged by the Romanians Associations’ Federation in Europe, the National Foundation for Romanians Everywhere, the Romanian-American Council and the Romanians Association in Italy.

The first workshop of the conference was attended by former President Traian Basescu, currently head of the MP.

Basescu stated that he is a supporter without reserves of creating of a ministry for the Romanians Everywhere to replace the current Department dealing with the Diaspora, within the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE).

“A ministry with a budget, with a responsible minister, and not a fiction. (…) Such a ministry must become an institution because over four million Romanian active citizens, politically active live outside Romanian borders. Meaning they could vote anytime. Whether only one half of a million goes to vote, we must see what conditions have we created for them to vote. If we put a polling station every 800 km, certainly not many will go to vote,” said Traian Basescu at the conference.

Hora locomotive makes one-day travel trailing the Union train from Bucharest to Iasi

CFR Calatori (CFR Passengers) named for one day the IR 1663 trainsets, the Union Train, which is to leave the Bucharest North Station at noon and be trailed by the HORA locomotive – an engine painted in national symbols, as on Sunday, January 24, the Romanians celebrate 157 years since the Union of the Romanian Principalities, Moldavia and Wallachia, in a single state, Romania.

According to a release sent to Agerpres by the Transport Ministry, the relevant ministry organizes a series of events to earmark this proud celebration, such as the fact that the passengers will receive a ‘post-card’ with a tricolour cord whilst the stations’ megaphones will sound the Hora Unirii (Union dance).

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