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Bogdan Diaconu to run for Bucharest City Hall. What the PRU programme contains

Lawmaker Bogdan Diaconu, elected president of the United Romania Party (PRU) at the party’s first congress on Sunday, has announced he will run for the Bucharest City Hall and his party will run on its own in the elections.

“The United Romania Party will run in the local and parliamentary elections on its own because we were born as an alternative to the political class of the last 26 years and we want the complete changing of the old ways of doing politics. So we have no way of associating with other parties that have already proved that they are only gangs of vested interests against which we have started a campaign of cleansing the public scene. (…) In this sense, at today’s congress I also announced my candidacy for the Bucharest City Hall, because Bucharesters deserve a true capital. We are fed up with the squalor, the misspent money and the infernal traffic in Bucharest,” Diaconu stated for Mediafax.

The first PRU Congress, attended by 600 delegates, started with the Romanian anthem and a priest saying the Lord’s Prayer. The PRU leader told the party members present to temporarily hold meetings at their homes until the problem of party headquarters is resolved, in order to convince other people to join the “enlightened nationalist” movement. Likewise, the delegates were encouraged not to fear the “party switcher” label and to bring in “valuable people” no matter where they come from.

The creation of the “Vlad Tepes Patrol” was announced at the event, the party leader presenting six young people wearing uniforms. “Our colleague, champion Daniel Ghita will handle these young people, organizing, advising them on behalf of PRU’s Sitting Bureau,” Diaconu said.

“If the Romanian state does not protect us, we will protect ourselves, we have to give a signal that Romania is not a regular bear-garden in which those who shout louder or pick on the weak and the helpless stand to win,” Ghita said in his turn.

The athlete said his decision to get involved in organizing the Vlad Tepes Patrol came as a result of the disappointment he felt after he took part in protests and “nothing changed.”

The party’s governing programme – “The Tepes programme for the Romanian of Romanians” – contains measures through which the party wants to “punish the insulting of the Romanians’ national dignity and theft from public funds.”

PRU wants to nationalize natural resources in case the companies concerned disagree with hiked royalties and taxes. Likewise, PRU plans to ban the sale of land to foreigners and to put an end to deforestation.

The party promises to raise jail sentences for rape and paedophilia to 25 years, and for corruption to life imprisonment and the complete and extended confiscation of assets. Those who insult national symbols or incite ethnic separatism will face penal lawsuits or expulsion in case they are foreign citizens.

Bogdan Diaconu’s party promises that his government would consist of only 9 ministries and 300 MPs and another 50,000 soldiers will be hired, and that it would fight “with all means” to unite Bessarabia with Romania.

When it comes to foreign policy, PRU will oppose “Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policy of Islamizing Europe,” and Romania would refuse the refugee quotas.
Likewise, PRU would set up the “Fund for Romania’s Future,” financed from the taxes paid by companies with a turnover in excess of EUR 10 M, taxes that will represents 0.5 per cent of turnover, and the money will be used to pay scholarships for Olympiad winners.

According to the same programme, students’ safety would be the responsibility of the Local Police, which would carefully monitor schools.
Agricultural land would no longer be sold to foreigners, and the surfaces that have already been sold would be taken back; those growing crops on unused plots of land for their personal benefit will receive a salary, according to PRU’s governing programme. Likewise, the party wants to establish in every city a chain of “Made in Romania” stores that would sell only Romanian products.

“We will not accept the transformation of Romania into a new Babylon through the arrival of Muslim immigrants, nor into Sodom and Gomorrah through the legalizing of gay marriages,” PRU’s governing programme also reads.

After the governing programme was read at the presidium flanked by the six youngsters wearing ‘Vlad Tepes Patrol’ uniforms, the delegates applauded and waved flags, chanting “Romania.”

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