Romanian convicted in Malaysia, closer to death

The Romanian citizen convicted to death in Malaysia for drug trafficking is now closer to his sentence after his appeal was trie on Tuesday by the Federal Justice Court of Malaysia. According to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE), this institution confirmed the death sentence by definitive verdict, thus ending all internal ways of appeal in this case.
The Romanian citizen has one hope left, though, as his lawyers will file an amnesty request at the Sultan of the Malaysian state where he had committed the offence.

According to Malaysian procedures, this request will be analysed by an Amnesty Committee, summoned at the Sultan’s request. MAE mentioned that the sentence may not be put into practice until the amnesty request is solved, and it might require a long amount of time.

MAE also announces that Malaysian laws concerning death penalty for drug trafficking are under review. Malaysian authorities also officially announced that they have placed an administrative ban over executions in the case of death convicts for drug trafficking, until the law is reviewed.

The Romanian state, by means of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of the Romanian Embassy to Kuala Lumpur, will continue its approaches concerning the unprecedented situation that affects the right to live of a Romanian citizen, consecrated as an untouchable right in the Constitutional order of the Romanian state. This imposed the treatment of the case with utmost attention, and the case was and will be a priority for Romanian authorities, the press release by MAE points out.

MAE highlighted that, ever since the cases were reported, it got involved and undertook all possible approaches in order to grant assistance to Romanian citizens. The Romanian Embassy to Kuala Lumpur has granted priority attention to the evolution of afferent judiciary procedure, it has permanently discussed with the lawyers of Defence and was present at Court meetings.
Moreover, the representative with consul attributions at the diplomatic mission has made visits to the penitentiary where Romanian citizens are completing freedom-depriving sentences, has intervened and gained facilities for the improvement of the applied detention regime and maintained relations with convicts’ families in Romania.

MAE concludes showing that, in collaboration with the National Antidrug Agency, they have initiated an awareness campaign on drug consumption for Romanian citizens travelling abroad, under the slogan “Drugs change your destination”, so that they would get acquainted with the risks they expose themselves to in the case of drug trafficking / transportation in states that apply a death sentence for this felony.

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