The Casino of Constanta, Romania’s most beautiful ruin

The Casino of Constanta is one of the most emblematic buildings of the city for over 100 years. Now, unfortunately, this treasure has ended up in ruins, due to incompetent managers, who have been unable, for more than ten years, to find solutions in order to rehabilitate it.

Central and local authorities promised several times that the Casino would be restored – and nothing was proved to happen on none of these occasions.

“In October 2014, Local Councillors in Constanta handed over the building to the National Investment Company (CNI) in the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration. Shortly afterwards, an auction was organized and attended by five companies. All of them were rejected by CNI, nonetheless. One of them appealed the decision, Romania Libera reported.

“It is one thing to have an honest with to restore the Casino and it is it is a completely different one to fulfil all legal requirements. All these studies needed to be elaborated, plenty of documents needed to be issued, we had a file to make, it was transferred to the National Investment Company and it was approved by the Inter-Ministerial Technical – Economical Council in February.

After approval and budgeting, an auction was organized and attended by five companies. (…) The National Investment Company, who organized the auction, analyzed the documenzs and rejected all attendants because they failed to fulfil the conditions. One of the companies appealed the rejection”, Mayor of Constanta Decebal Fagadau declared, according to the quoted source.
He mentioned that it was a laborious procedure, because “we are talking about cube metres of documents and dozens, even hundreds of requirements you need to fulfil in order to attend this auction”.

The Local Council decree of October 2014 stipulates that, if the works do not start in two years, the Casino would be returned to the municipality. Local authorities have pointed out on several occasions that they had no money for restorations and that they are unable to attract European funds. As the countdown has began, the faith of the Casino seems doomed.

The restoration works of the Casino was estimated at almost EUR 10 million.

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