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October 28, 2020

Head of ALDE reminds member who their adversary was

Co-chair of the Liberals and Democrats Alliance (ALDE) Calin Popescu Tariceanu demanded on Monday the members of the party to abstain promoting social messages in the next few months, showing that they were not supposed to compete PSD for the next elections, but PNL.

“We do not have a principle-based issue of relating to PSD, it is a left-wing party. We have an issue of defining ourselves as a right-wing party. We have to come up with an authentic Liberal message. It has to be obvious that the solutions we propose arise from a Liberal conception”, Tariceanu declared at the end of the first meeting of the Political Bureau of the party, in 2016.
The co-chair of the party asked ALDE members to abstain from promoting social messages and to compete PSD.

“We do not want to make the following mistake, and I have noticed the temptation lately, of messages, ideas and projects of social concern. Do not start a competition with PSD. It does not mean that PSD has a monopoly over social policies, a modern political party is supposed to address these issues, too, but (…) the overbidding of social promises should not be the defining brand of ALDE in the next elections”, Tariceanu also added.

Tariceanu: “I want to see PNL as it once was”

He pointed out once again that he has discussed with former colleagues in PNL, discontent by the present direction of the party.

“At the level of today’s PNL, there are three groups with completely different targets: the group of former PDL members who are compromised; the group that awaits President Iohannis’ order and wants to turn PNL into an obedient presidential party, under Ciolos’ command, and the group of genuine Liberals who perhaps wanted something completely different and who ended up against their will under today’s logo that would better fit the logo of PDL nowadays. (…)

I want to see PNL as it once was, as it was consecrated by history after the 90s, yet without Basescu’s people and I would love them to return to the family of European Liberals.

It is a wish revealed as well by many of our former colleagues, discontent with what PNL is doing today”, the ALDE co-chair declared.

Referring to ALDE’s position in opinion polls, Tariceanu pointed out that the party has a rising tendency and that it was the third option in voters’ preferences.

“We are at this time in practically all opinion polls in a position that implies a rising tendency and polls place us as the third party in voters’ preferences.
(…)The scores of opinion polls are usually tested during elections and usually they decrease. We are estimated at 9 to 10 per cent. At the elections, if you do not activate your voters and make them go voting, it is useless if you reached 10 per cent in opinion polls; you might end up at 6 – 7 per cent”, the co-chair of ALDE declared.

Tariceanu’s message comes in the circumstances that he was publicly approached by PSD leader Liviu Dragnea who has spoken out about the possibility that he would be dismissed as President of the Senate due to Social-Democrats discontentment over Tariceanu negotiating an alliance with PNL.

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