DNA prosecutors notified ex officio in case concerning National Arena’s roof

The National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) has been notified ex officio in the case concerning National Arena’s roof and has announced that DNA prosecutors have started criminal prosecution actions “in rem,” for malfeasance in office that resulted in undue benefits, according to a DNA communiqué.

“In early November 2015, the Bucharest City Hall decided to close the National Arena because of the membrane of the roof which is allegedly constructed from a material uncertified in Romania. Because of that reason, the Emergency Situations Inspectorate (ISU) had not issued a permit. Based on existing data, the project entailed the construction of a fixed sheet-metal roof for which there was an ISU permit. The project was modified later on, for unknown reasons, stipulating the construction of a retractable roof constructed from a different material instead, which required a new ISU permit,” DNA points out.

Prosecutors have established that when construction works were completed the payment was nevertheless made despite the fact that it was known that obtaining the permit was impossible.

The construction of the stadium had a cost of EUR 234 M, RON 84 M being the cost of the roof, the DNA claims.

The Bucharest City Hall has confirmed the existence of two documents – construction permits – issued by the Bucharest District 2 Mayoralty, bearing the same date and the same registration number, both for the National Arena, while the local mayoralty claims that the document concerned is a single permit modified at the Bucharest City Hall’s request.

Bucharest City Hall officials have pointed out that the documents were discovered this week as a result of the measures taken by the institution in order to find a solution in order to obtain the fire safety permit. At the same time, “this situation is the aim of an internal audit, whose result will be made public in the following days,” the officials said.

In fact, Bucharest Mayor Razvan Sava wrote on his Facebook page that he is trying to find a solution for the National Arena, and posted the two permits issued by the Bucharest District 2 Mayoralty.

“Every day I notice we are drifting away from the objective, namely from identifying a solution in order to reopen the National Arena, and I discover irregularities, all kinds of conflicting documents,” Sava points out.

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