PNL Vice-President Ludovic Orban accuses: “PSD do as they please with Ciolos Government”

National Liberal Party (PNL) Vice-President Ludovic Orban declared on Wednesday that the technocrat Government led by Dacian Ciolos kept in their positions all state secretaries, agency managers, prefects, company managers appointed by PSD, which means that PSD is still holding the power.

“PSD is at this point in a situation they exploit as much as they can. Actually, they hold the power, because all state secretaries, state undersecretaries, agency and authority managers and deputy managers, secretaries generals and their deputies in Ministries, prefects, heads of deconcentrated companies, company managers and branch managers are members of PSD. And they constantly influence public decisions in Romania, so, even if the Government is apolitical, the Ministers are actually surrounded by PSD representatives that were appointed in their positions during Ponta’s Government. Obviously, they influence Government decisions, distort dispositions and decisions issued by Ministers on various fields of activity and favour PSD concerning the preparation of elections and, afterwards, the evolution of the electoral process”, Ludovic Orban declared in an interview for Jurnalul National.

The Liberal Vice-President reminded that the prefects, subprefects and heads of deconcentrated companies belonged to PSD and “exercised influence over the community” which meant “they were conducting a campaign”, and 2016 was an electoral year.

“We are actually in a situation in which we support a Government where actually PSD do what they want, and PSD is acting as the opposition which means they take maximum advantage of both positions in the Government. To put it this way, we support a Government that actually belongs to PSD, which is utterly abnormal”, Ludovic Orban explained.

The Liberal Deputy also pointed out his party was not demanding Prime Minister Ciolos to dismiss all persons mentioned above and replace them with PNL members, but recommended “seeking other people to form teams in order to grant the neutrality of the act of governing and, above all, the equality of chances in the perspective of local and Parliament elections”.

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