Alba Iulia joined “League of Historical Cities”

The Municipality of Alba Iulia is now a member of the “League of Historical Cities”, as local councillors approved on Wednesday joining this international organisation, that includes 108 more localities worldwide.

A non-profit international organization, ‘League of Historical Cities’ supports and promotes dialogue between cities in order to explore cultural and historical patrimony. The purpose of the organizations is to encourage transfers of good practices between municipalities of complex history as well as the opportunity to explore cultural and historical patrimony in order to achieve long-lasting economical development in close connection with protecting the environment.

The legal basis for the decree project approved by local councillors is represented by the title of Excellence European Destination conferred to the Municipality in the summer of 2012 by the European Commission through the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, but alsi the note of the Vice-President of this international organisation sent last year to the Mayoralty of Alba Iulia.

The ‘League of Historical Cities’ also includes cities such as Budapest, Vienna, Rome, Barcelona, Boston, Mexico City, Melbourne, Xian and Kyoto.

Alba Iulia may thus benefit of a status of permanent member of the ‘League of Historical Cities’, and may thus promote at an international level the cultural and historical patrimony represented by the Fortress Alba Carolina and by the monuments inside the fortress. The attendance to the organization may also contribute to the increase in the visibility of the cultural and historical patrimony of the municipality and in the increase of the number of tourists choosing this city as a holiday destination, as well as in the development of projects with the other members of the organization, the specialized report of the project approved on Wednesday announces.

The annual fee for the members of the organization is USD 100.

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