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March 5, 2021

Film “Brancusi from Eternity”, on big screens in UK

The Romanian film “Brancusi from Eternity”, directed by Adrian Popovici, will be distributed in cinemas in the United Knigdom. The premiere of the film in this country was scheduled on January 24.

“Brancusi from Eternity” has a cast that includes some of the most reputed artists of the Romanian stage: Claudiu Bleont, Vlad Radescu, Alexandru Potocean, Iulia Verdes, Andra Negulescu and Ioan Andrei Ionescu – as the great sculptor.

The film gained the attention of British critics and distributors in December 2015, after screenings organized for BAFTA voters and for the UK Critic’s Circle competition, the production team of the film announced.

Three intervals of time, three stories, three plans and three characters create the plot of the film “Brancusi from Eternity”, a story that intends to depict the personality of sculptor Constantin Brancusi. Each character “speaks” in their own way about the works and talent of one of the greatest Romanian artists.

The main story is the one about Brancusi throughout his age of maturity, both physical and creative. It is a period that follows his arrival to Paris, the period of his friendship with Modigliani, but also the period of his relation with Martha, one of his models, perhaps his favourite one. Despite his countless betrayals, Martha is faithful to him until his death.

The second story is the one about Marin Etu, a Visual Arts student in Bucharest, during the instauration of the Communist regime. Due to his criticism concerning some of the Romanian Academy members who have refused the inheritance Brancusi wanted to leave the Romanian state, he is convicted to 13 years of detention. After he is released, the Security forces him to forge many of Brancusi’ works.

The third story focuses on Milarepa, a great scholar who has lived in Tibet in the twelfth century. Milarepa is frequently mentioned by Brancusi, a great admirer of his teachings, but also by Marin Etu. During his detention, due to a cellmate, Marin Etu finds out a lot about Milarepa’s life. Milarepa is the connection between sculptor Brancusi and forger Marin Etu, the connection between their destinies. “Brancusi from Eternity” is a film about seeking the truth and perfection in art, but also about the disappointment caused by failure. It is, nonetheless, a film about a thinker who influences the lives of the two characters until the moment of their passing away: Milarepa.

The script of the film was written by Ioan Carmazan, Radu Petrescu-Aneste, Pascal Ilie Virgil, the cinematography is signed by Cristian Gugu, and the editing by Marian Ene. The producer of the film is Cornelia Palos. The film was produced with the support of the National Centre of Cinematography and of the National Television Society.

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