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January 27, 2022

“200 for Bucharest” political party, backed by advertising agencies, to run in local elections

A number of well-known professionals from various domains have formed a new political party – “200 for Bucharest” – whose first goal is to take part in the local elections this year.
The party, which will offer a list of local election candidates with technical competencies, was founded by Cristian Stefanescu, Dan Nita and Viorel Bitu, and will benefit from Bogdan Naumovici’s public relations expertise.

The name of the party comes from the list of 200 candidates needed for the elections, made up of those seeking to win 193 local council seats, six District Mayoralties and the Bucharest City Hall.

The candidates will be selected by a commission, in line with the skills required within the local council. “Road paving, public utilities, investment have no political stripes. But they do need specialists,” says party founder Viorel Bitu, business consultant and former member of the management of multinational companies such as Arthur Andersen, Ernst & Young and Accenture.
“The lists should include only specialists that can bring added value to local councils: architects, jurists, civil engineers and utilities engineers, health, education and culture managers, environment specialists and public food service specialists,” Bitu stated, Mediafax informs.

The candidates will be assessed based on three criteria: honesty, competency, and the requirement of not having held any previous position on which they were politically appointed.
The “apolitical” criterion is eliminatory, and the competence criterion refers mainly to professional competence, but is also related to the so-called “administrative soft skills.”
“The change has to start somewhere. And we believe that each should start in his or her city, in local elections. We believe the solution has to be collective, we believe it should come from civil society, not from the current parties, and we believe it should be based on specialists. We believe in citizens, honesty and competency,” Bogdan Naumovici (photo), 23 Communication Ideas managing partner and the new party’s public relations coordinator, stated.

Naumovici added that known names from Romanian advertising agencies have expressed their desire to work pro bono for “200 for Romania.”

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