Klei, a terrifying love story with two break-ups, at TNB

A new Bucharest National Theatre (TNB) show with a remarkable cast gives theatre fans the opportunity to see a love story signed by a Dutch author well known in the Netherlands.
“Klei” (2002), is Marijke Schermer’s best-known dramatic text. Born in Amsterdam, by the age of 40 the successful writer authored more than 10 theatre plays and two novels, and in 2009 won the “Charlotte Kohler” Literature Award.

“Director Vlad Massaci, at his first play on the TNB stage, gives life, alongside writer Andu Dumitrescu and the actors, to a show full of Nordic melancholies, with richly built characters, powerful conflicts and an unexpected denouement,” the TNB communiqué reads.

In the lead female role, that of Dora, you will meet one of the most important actresses from the middle generation, Irina Movila. She believes that “we, all those considering love to be an important vector in our lives, have the need to make a myth out of the absoluteness of a relationship. And the moments of maximum joy, the briefer they are the more they dilate the moments of pain.”

Disappointed with the fact that the man she considered to be the love of her life unexplainably left her, Dora has decided to withdraw in a barren land in the middle of a clay swamp, with an endless overcast sky over her head, nevertheless surrounded in a protective manner by those close to her. Husband, daughter, sister, they all willingly followed her to this melancholic exile, being of the opinion that half a Dora is better than no Dora.

In the company of a powerful dramatic couple, interpreted by Irina Movila and Mircea Rusu, assisted by Claudiu Istodor, Natalia Calin and Cristina Constantinescu, you will watch a love story with two break-ups… Both of them just as unexpected.

Tickets are available at TNB, as well as online on

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