Accused of plagiarism, MEP Cristian Busoi defends himself: “There are no problems with my doctoral thesis”

Stelian Ene, representative of the Institute for Modernizing Education, stated on Friday for Mediafax that Cristian Busoi’s doctoral thesis contains elements of plagiarism. The Liberal replied by saying that although its “perfect or imperfect rigorousness” can be debated, the thesis is original.

Stelian Ene stated that the NGO he represents has so far analyzed the doctoral theses of MEP Cristian Busoi and of university professor Dr. Cristian Vladescu, who was President Traian Basescu’s advisor and the coordinator of Busoi’s doctoral thesis. The NGO launched a campaign on verifying the doctoral theses of the main political leaders, and will start to analyse the doctoral thesis of PNL Co-President Alina Gorghiu.

While Cristian Vladescu’s doctoral thesis does not contain “elements of plagiarism,” the MEP’s thesis is in “a grey area,” according to Stelian Ene.
“We could be talking about elements of plagiarism. This is a grey area. We don’t want to issue an exhaustive ruling for the whole doctoral thesis,” the representative of the Institute for Modernizing Education Association stated for Mediafax.

“What we are interested in is bringing the topic to the attention of the public and for the citation norms to be seen in more famous cases and to be seen by everyone. We want people to understand what a proper citation is. It’s a grey area, we are not saying whether he plagiarized or not. We are not dealing with the legal side of challenging plagiarisms,” Stelian Ene said, adding that the association does not have the legal resources needed for a court battle.

Contacted by Mediafax, Cristian Busoi denied the allegations, stating that although the thesis’ “perfect or imperfect rigorousness” can be debated, any reader of his thesis and of the association’s analysis can see that “there are no problems.”

“I believe this campaign of verifying doctoral theses is welcome and I am convinced that many of the doctoral theses in Romania unfortunately have serious problems. However, that is not the case of my doctoral thesis. Although there can be comments, analyses, on its perfect or imperfect rigorousness, I believe that, in essence, anyone who reads it and especially anyone who carefully reads this analysis too can see that there are no problems,” the MEP stated.

Referring to the authors of the only Romanian papers written on the topic that the MEP analyzed in his doctoral thesis (“Health policies in electoral platforms and government programmes during the transition period”), Busoi stated that he read the analysis on his doctoral thesis and although “there were questions in what concerns the theoretical side, the introductory side, even the author of the analysis admits that they were mentioned, they were cited not only in the bibliography but also through the use of quotation marks and footnotes.” Busoi presented his doctoral thesis at the ‘Victor Babes’ University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Timisoara.

“I have seen and read this article. I can tell you that my doctoral thesis is one I worked on and I am very sure it does not have problems in the sense that plagiarism accusations could be brought. I carried out numerous interviews with former Prime Ministers, former Health Ministers, I analyzed the government programmes and the health chapters included in the parties’ electoral platforms,” Busoi added.

The MEP stated that if the conclusions of the analysis are read “it can be seen that there is no formal accusation” in what concerns his doctoral thesis.
Busoi explained that he will do nothing apart from offering explanations to those asking for them. “It is not my style to react, to sue journalists, people that make analyses or observations. Of course, if someone wants to take an official action I will defend myself and explain. Otherwise, apart from offering explanations to those asking me for them, I don’t see what action I should take, because in my opinion there is no clear accusations and, moreover, there are no problems with my doctoral thesis. I am telling you this as a person that actually worked on this doctoral thesis on a topic never before analyzed in Romania, and which somehow falls within my area of interest, of professional competence – health policies, electoral platforms, governance programmes, things I worked with directly over the years too, as PNL leader,” the Liberal concluded.

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