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June 25, 2022

Basescu to Ciolos: You sit with plagiarist Toba to your right and feign not seeing it

Popular Movement President Traian Basescu stated on Saturday that Premier Dacian Ciolos risks compromising himself in the absence of measures concerning government officials suspected of plagiarism, accusing Education Minister Adrian Curaj of doing nothing to solve the problem.

“We have an explanation [for this] too and this will eventually compromise Ciolos. You are sitting with plagiarist Toba to your right during Government meetings, you are sitting with Curaj from the Security Sciences Academy within the same Government, and you feign not seeing that around you there is a gangrene that could only hurt Romanian society,” Traian Basescu stated at the Popular Movement’s National Council meeting.

The former president of Romania also stated that UNPR President Gabriel Oprea is “the pillar of Ph.D. diplomas” in Romania, and accused Education Minister Adrian Curaj of not doing anything in order to solve the problem.

“From Gabriel Oprea, the pillar of Ph.D. diplomas, to Busoi, the newest member inducted into this club, they are all sad faces of Romanian political life, who try to define themselves as members of the country’s intellectual elite but are washouts that cheat like high school students. When you cheat in faculty or high school, they usually expel you. I see that Minister Curaj keeps these ones around and lacks the courage even to disclose the full list of doctors in Romania, to take a measure as Ms. Pruna wanted to take in the case of the great Academy members in prisons. Curaj doesn’t know how to leave this potpourri untouched, and this is a potpourri of intellectual corruption. This is what these people are. They are lower than those who embezzle public funds. (…) They are godless plagiarists!,” Traian Basescu added.

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