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June 12, 2021

Popular Movement validates candidacies for county seats, Bucharest excluded

The leadership of the Popular Movement Party (PMP) convened on Saturday at the Palace of Parliament in order to validate its candidates in this year’s local elections. PMP Executive President Eugen Tomac stated on Saturday that the party’s National College decided to postpone the discussion on candidacies for the Bucharest Districts and the Bucharest City Hall, stating that PMP has validated all candidacies for county seats. Journalist Robert Turcescu was among the most resounding names of candidates backed by Traian Basescu, however he denied the allegation.

“We’ve analyzed and debated the candidacies for the county seat municipalities. (…) Almost all county seat municipalities have been validated. The discussion on the candidacies for Bucharest, for Bucharest’s District Mayoralties and the Bucharest City Hall, has been postponed for another meeting,” PMP Executive President Eugen Tomac (photo) stated.

PMP’s National College could convene most likely at the end of the month in order to validate the rest of the candidacies for county seats, Eugen Tomac stated, pointing out that the candidate for Targu Jiu will be validated at the next NC meeting too.

The candidates for Alexandria, Galati, Braila, Constanta and Deva municipalities were among those validated on Saturday.

Horia Vuscan, PMP candidate for Oradea, bowed out of the electoral race.

“Following the rigorous analysis that the party conducted along with our Bihor branch, Mr. Horia Vuscan, nominated by our Bihor branch as candidate for the Oradea City Hall, has withdrawn his candidacy,” PMP’s Executive President stated.

“Robert Turcescu will not run on behalf of the Popular Movement. It’s true he will help us on the public relations side, but that’s all,” Eugen Tomac stated for Mediafax.
In a message for Romania TV, journalist Robert Turcescu denied the allegations according to which he would enter the race for a District Mayoralty in Bucharest. In fact, he dismissed the allegations through a posting on his Facebook account too.

“WARNING: The allegations concerning my candidacy for the District 5 Mayoralty, on behalf of the Popular Movement, are false. I regret to see that the Mediafax agency has not quoted the statements that Eugen Tomac made on this topic as early as yesterday. Let it be clear: I am not running for the District 5 Mayoralty on behalf of the Popular Movement,” Turcescu wrote on Facebook.

According to party sources, prior to Saturday’s National College meeting, there were talks about the candidacies for the Bucharest District Mayoralties, Robert Turcescu being mentioned as a possible candidate. Tomac pointed out that Turcescu will not run in the elections, but will help PMP on the public relations side. Likewise, Cristian Diaconescu was mentioned as a candidate for District 1, however he pointed out that he does not plan to run in the local elections.

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