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January 25, 2022

Forensic report in Colectiv case, 70 pc ready

100 days after the Colectiv nightclub fire tragedy, INEC Deputy Director Grigoras Betiu states that the forensics report is 70 per cent ready. The head of Romania’s forensic experts estimates that the report will be forwarded to prosecutors around February 20.

“Apart from the results pending from the Bucharest Polytechnic University, we have all information. As data level, information level, we have around 70 per cent ready, but the drafting of the report is completed in proportion of around 40-50 per cent,” Grigoras Betiu stated, being of the opinion that the report will be forwarded to prosecutors around February 20.
“Nothing new, nothing spectacular has emerged. We have finalized the INSEMEX report. We know most of what they’ve done. Now all information has to be synthesized. The rest of the data have to be taken – what we have, what UPB is still doing – and brought together in a report,” the INEC Director stated for Romania TV.

In what concerns the CCTV cameras recently taken from the nightclub in order to be studied/analyzed, chief expert Grigoras Betiu states: “In principle we have clarified the cameras issue, but we cannot give you any information until we finalize.”

“Obviously a second expertise (and/or counter-expertise – editor’s note) could be demanded. It’s just that in our country there is no one else to do it,” Grigoras Betiu stated.
New evidence pointing to the faulty manner in which the nightclub had been furnished has been signalled by Digi24 too. Thus, the soundproofing foam used inside the club was not fireproof and was eight times cheaper than the fire-resistant types, journalists claim, using the invoices as proof. In fact, the poor quality of materials used to furnish the club is also confirmed by a report ordered by the General Prosecutor’s Office.

On Monday, the Military Court of Appeals postponed for February 15 a decision on the start of a trial on the merits in the case in which two ISU Bucharest fire fighters are accused of having verified the Colectiv nightclub without taking the legal measures in what concerns fire safety norms.

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