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June 25, 2022

Tariceanu says “yes” to Oprea but a categorical “no” to Basescu

Senate Speaker and ALDE Co-President Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated that Traian Basescu’s party is the only party with which he plans not to collaborate, pointing out that “there are persons in Romania with whom I really do not want to interact.” Referring to UNPR President Gabriel Oprea, Tariceanu said that he has a party that respects democratic rules.

Likewise, Tariceanu stated that the goal of his party is to take part in local elections on its own lists and to obtain a two-digit score in the legislative elections. He added that there will be only tactical agreements with PSD, at the level of some local party branches.

“Where there are joint interests with PSD we will probably do that, but these local agreements will not be part of a document because we give large freedom of action to local party branches,” Tariceanu said on Digi24, referring to the agreement that his party was allegedly due to sign with the Social Democrats similarly to the PSD-UNPR protocol.

Asked whether Gabriel Oprea seems to him to be a reputable political partner, the ALDE President said that “Mr. Gabriel Oprea leads a party that behaves on the basis of democratic rules.”
“If we are talking about reputation, there are persons in Romania with whom I really don’t want to interact. Such as Mr. Basescu and his party. As a President, he did a lot of harm. I even discussed with my colleagues; if there is anyone with whom we plan not to collaborate then that is Mr. Basescu’s party,” the ALDE leader added.

Asked about the National Anticorruption Directorate’s (DNA) investigation in the Oprea case, the Senate Speaker mentioned the presumption of innocence and reiterated the statements concerning “the excesses and abuses within the judiciary.”

“I cannot say and I believe it is the court’s role to say whether Mr. Oprea abusively used the motorcade. I believe Mr. Oprea should enjoy the presumption of innocence, like any other citizen,” he stated.

When asked whether in a country with a more solid democracy a politician faced with such accusations would still run in the upcoming elections, bearing in mind that a man lost his life, Calin Popescu Tariceanu pointed out that “the question is very good” but one acts as one sees best.

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