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January 31, 2023

Traian Basescu is yet to decide on Bucharest City Hall bid

Popular Movement Party (PMP) President Traian Basescu has stated that he is yet to decide on a possible bid for the Bucharest City Hall, since he thinks it might be a contradiction of the fact that he is promoting PMP as a new party.

“No decision has been taken in this sense yet. Neither by the party nor by me. (…) I can tell you what my greatest reserve is. I was talking about the creation of a new party. With newer people, not necessarily born now, even though some are 60 years old. (…) Of course it will take part in the elections, but it is the first time it is in politics, meaning newer faces, even though not with zero experience – because politics also means life experience, not only youth. So, given that we are speaking about a new party, I wonder how contradictory [my] presence would be in an electoral competition,” Traian Basescu stated on B1TV when asked whether he will run for the office of Bucharest Mayor.

The PMP President reminded that he was Bucharest Mayor and said that Bucharest’s main problem is the splitting of its budget into seven shares.

“Bucharest’s gangrene is the seven budgets that the Capital has – one City Hall budget and six District budgets. (…) The Capital’s main problem is a heinousness committed by Adrian Nastase, who, failing to understand that a city is more important than his battle with me, adopted an emergency ordinance that saw the Bucharest City Hall budget dissipated into seven budgets. (…) Given the fact that the City Hall has to cover Bucharest’s vital services – heating, water, transport, repairs on the main boulevards, hospitals – (…), to transfer 50 per cent of the City Hall budget to the Districts is a crime. Of course, this is why District Mayors have money for beautification,” Basescu said.

According to the PMP President, these budgets should be unified at the level of the Bucharest General Council, pointing out that this was one of his goals as President.
“I can tell you this was one of my goals when I was President too and I failed because of two District Mayors that PDL had – Negoita (Liviu Negoita – editor’s note) at District 3 and Poteras at District 6. Emil [Boc] opposed this too, he was weaker than he should have been. Normally, District budgets should be given to the General Council. The General Council says: based on my prerogatives as the Capital’s main city hall, I have to do this, and you – those who have to deal with district parks, small parks, take care of school courtyards – have to do this. Your budget is this, voted by the General Council (…) and the rest should be concentrated on what has to be done in Bucharest,” Basescu stated, pointing out that Bucharest needs dozens of underpasses and parking lots, investments that require significant funds.

PMP’s National College meeting on Saturday decided to postpone the talks on its candidates for the Bucharest Districts and Bucharest City Hall.

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