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June 28, 2022

Ion Caramitru, Shakespeare Ambassador in Romania

Actor Ion Caramitru, director of the ‘Ion Luca Caragiale’ National Theatre in Bucharest (TNB), has been designated Shakespeare Cultural Ambassador in Romania, TNB informs.
“Ion Caramitru, it is an honour and a pleasure to offer this medal to you, as a symbol of our respect and of the official recognition of the fact that you are undoubtedly Romania’s most important Shakespeare ambassador,” Nigel Townson, Director of the Bucharest British Council, stated on Thursday evening at a ceremony organized by the United Kingdom Embassy and the Bucharest British Council as part of the “Shakespeare Lives” programme, the TNB communiqué points out.

The TNB Director pointed out that this “Shakespeare Ambassador” title represents “a symbolic appointment” and said that receiving it makes him happier than he would have been had he received an Oscar.

“It is more or less a symbolic appointment. (…) I am happier to receive this title of Shakespeare Ambassador than I would have been had I received an Oscar, because we don’t know who Oscar was, we know he created the statuette, but we certainly know who Shakespeare was,” Ion Caramitru said. “An ambassador is meant to serve the interests of the territory he represents. Therefore,

I am committed to take care of the interests of… the Great Will and to continue serving him,” Ion Caramitru said, according to the aforementioned communiqué.
A video collage that featured images from the theatre shows in which Ion Caramitru interpreted various roles from Shakespeare’s dramaturgy – from “Romeo and Juliette” (1967) and “Hamlet” (for which Michael Boyd, artistic director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, nominated the Romanian actor as one of the 10 best actors who ever played that role), to “Edward III”, “Macbeth,” or “Prospero” (2015) –, a video fragment from a dialogue with Michael Pennington at a workshop that took place years ago in Craiova, as well as a live bilingual (in Romanian and English) mini-recital offered by the actor, these were just as many arguments in support of the official British high-level bodies’ choice to designate Ion Caramitru as Shakespeare Ambassador to Romania, the communiqué adds.

“Shakespeare Lives” cultural timetable

The British Council has revealed the timetable of the “Shakespeare Lives” Programme in February. The programme represents an unprecedented global initiative that includes a series of events and activities meant to bring back to the public’s attention the life and work of William Shakespeare, 400 years after his death.

The “Shakespeare Lives” cultural timetable comes to support all cultural institutions that will dedicate themselves, throughout 2016, to celebrating the works of the Great Bard.
British Council Romania thus plans to promote the events and activities dedicated to the Shakespearian work, through its own communication channels, online.

The upcoming events in this timetable are: “Hamlet,” at the ‘Radu Stance’ National Theatre in Sibiu on February 11, 7 p.m.; “Twelfth Night” at the ‘Tony Bulandra’ Municipal Theatre in Targoviste on February 12; “Dystopia. Shakespeare. Remix” at the National Theatre in Bucharest on February 14; “Romeo and Juliette” at the ‘Masca’ Theatre in Bucharest, February 14; “Julius Caesar” at the Hungarian State Theatre, Cluj-Napoca, February 17, directed by Silviu Purcarete; “Romeo and Juliette” at the ‘Tony Bulandra’ Municipal Theatre in Targoviste, February 24; “A Romeo and a Juliette – Urban Scandal,” Timisoara National Theatre, Timisoara, February 24; “Play Shakespeare” at the Tandarica Theatre in Bucharest on February 25.

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