Medical alert in Arges after children were hospitalized for unknown causes. Health Ministry: It is not a hotbed of contagion

We cannot talk about a hotbed of contagion because the symptoms and diagnoses differ and no common sources of infection have been discovered, Health Ministry Secretary of State Victor Strambu stated at a press conference on Thursday, referring to the large number of children from Arges County that were hospitalized with similar symptoms.

Victor Strambu stated that 15 children from various Arges County localities were taken to hospitals in Bucharest, 12 of them to ‘Marie Curie’ Hospital (1 of whom died) and 3 to the ‘Matei Bals’ Hospitals.

Three of the children hospitalized at ‘Marie Curie’ had rotavirus infections. Two of the babies hospitalized at ‘Matei Bals’ had rotavirus infections too, and test results are still pending for another one.

The little girl that died at ‘Marie Curie’ had an e-coli infection, the secretary of state pointed out. At the same time, Victor Strambu said that 7 babies are under dialysis and their conditions have improved.

In what concerns the results of the tests carried out on the milk formula, water and food collected, they are expected to arrive in 3-7 days, Victor Strambu added.

The Health Ministry official stated that following the inspection carried out at the Paediatric Hospital in Pitesti, “DSP Arges noticed that there were cases in which children with different illnesses were hospitalized within the same ward,” adding that sanctions were ordered.

Nevertheless, the secretary of state said that the babies were not infected in Arges County hospitals since they spent very little time there.

The fact that the existence of a hotbed of contagion is ruled out in Arges County was also pointed out by Dr. Sorina Hontaru, head of the Public Health Directorate (DSP) on Thursday. She gave assurances that tap water is safe, its quality being constantly monitored. Moreover, in order to identify the possible source of infection, samples from bottled water and milk formula were also collected and are being analyzed.

DSP Arges asked family doctors on Thursday to check all children below the age of 2.

Also on Wednesday, the Pitesti Court Prosecutor’s Office opened a criminal prosecution case into the death of a one-year-old girl from Topoloveni, who was diagnosed with haemolytic uremic syndrome.
Prosecutors took note ex officio in this case and are investigating it under the aspect of involuntary manslaughter, the

Pitesti Court Prosecutor’s Office announced.
The child died last week at the ‘Marie Curie’ Children’s Hospital in Bucharest, where she had been taken in critical conditions and diagnosed with haemolytic uremic syndrome.

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