New appointments at helm of ANAF. Daniel Diaconescu replaces Gelu Diaconu

Premier Dacian Ciolos sacked President of the National Fiscal Administration Agency (ANAF) Gelu Stefan Diaconu (photo) on Thursday, after the latter at first refused to resign as asked by Finance Minister Anca Dragu.

The Premier also sacked the ANAF Vice President. The two are criminally prosecuted in the Voicu-Paun case. Daniel Diaconescu will take over as interim ANAF President, government sources stated for Agerpres.

Prior to this appointment, Daniel Diaconescu was Director General of ANAF’s Fiscal Intelligence General Directorate. He has 10 years experience in fiscal administration and the protection of the European Union’s financial interests.

ANAF President Gelu Diaconu: I won’t resign, I want to be dismissed

Gelu Stefan Diaconu, President of the National Fiscal Administration Agency (ANAF), had refused to comply with Finance Minister Anca Dragu’s request to resign as a result of the criminal prosecution file in the Madalin Voicu – Nicolae Paun case. Diaconu labels the case “Kafkaesque.” Premier Dacian Ciolos talked with Gelu Diaconu and promised that the problem “will be clarified” later on Thursday.

On Thursday morning, Gelu Stefan Diaconu issued a communiqué in which he pointed out that he will not resign as asked by Finance Minister Anca Dragu.

“In what concerns Minister Dragu’s request for me to resign, I point out that I will not comply with it, since I want to be sacked so that when this case is finalized someone will bear the consequences of this measure,” Gelu Diaconu wrote in the ANAF communiqué.

The ANAF President has rejected the DNA prosecutors’ accusation, stating that the circular letters he and the ANAF Vice President issued were meant to regulate a legal ambiguity that meant that low-income persons were being taxed enormous amounts, referring to the underprivileged Roma included in the projects that MP Nicolae Paun implemented with European funds.
“I remind the public opinion that the anomaly present in the Fiscal Code meant that the IT application was sending out taxation notices worth hundreds of RON for incomes of RON 2-3, since the CASS was calculated on the basis of the minimum income, not on the actual income, in line with the law,” Gelu Diaconu points out.

He labelled the DNA case “Kafkaesque.”

“I point out that I have asked to be heard, detained or arrested, in order for this Kafkaesque file to be quickly clarified,” the head of ANAF added.

Ciolos: I believe Diaconu should resign, he has understood that it’s better for ANAF

“It will be clarified today. I talked with him and it will be resolved today,” Ciolos said on Thursday at the Economy Ministry when asked whether he has recalled the ANAF President.

Ciolos added that Diaconu explained the reasons why he considers himself not guilty.

“He explained to me the reasons why he considers himself not guilty, but, given the accusations, he too has understood that it’s better for ANAF,” Ciolos stated for Agerpres.

Asked whether Diaconu will resign, Ciolos answered: “We will resolve it today.”

On Wednesday evening, Finance Minister Anca Dragu asked ANAF Director Gelu Stefan Diaconu and ANAF Vice President Mihai Gongancea-Vatasoiu to resign after the DNA charged them in the case concerning MPs Madalin Voicu and Nicolae Paun.
“The internal revenue service is one of the most important institutions in Romania, and its leadership has to be above any suspicion. In this situation, in which the President and Vice President of ANAF are charged, it is normal for me to ask for their resignations. The integrity of the ANAF leadership should not be in doubt. I’ve asked them to resign because in the positions they hold no suspicion is acceptable from the standpoint of the integrity that ANAF, as an institution, requires. The institution’s activity is taking place normally and this is the most important thing at this moment. We are considering several options for the ANAF leadership and we will take a decision as soon as possible,” Minister Anca Dragu’s communiqué reads.
PM Dacian Ciolos has considered that ANAF President Gelu Stefan Diaconu has to resign even though this does not necessarily mean he is guilty of the charges brought by the DNA.

“I am waiting today, the Finance Minister said she is asking for his resignation and is coming up with replacement proposals, and I am waiting for her to come up with proposals. This does not mean that Gelu Stefan Diaconu or the ANAF Vice President is guilty, they have to settle their legal problems, but there should be no ambiguity at the helm of ANAF,” Dacian Ciolos stated on Thursday morning during his meeting with Costin Borc at the Economy Ministry.

Ciolos clearly pointed out that he believes Gelu Diaconu should resign.
“I talked with him this morning, why he claims he is not guilty, we also talked about the restructuring process and I said that this is precisely why the problem with the DNA should not be transferred at ANAF level. ANAF has to be credible. I consider he has to go, he said he understood,” the Premier added.

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